As placed forth through ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill, where he prospered up the ax “tush” had two different meanings. One would be it introduce to a person’s backside, as most universally used. But in his ‘hood, people additionally utilized the word to refer to something that is “very lavish luxurious”. 

And the allude he’s do the efforts to get to is the as used in this piece, the definition of “tush” – which as the title implies is the main expression the this whole narrative – is open to interpretation based upon respective listeners.

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Well either way the vocalist is really much “looking for part tush”, even to the allude where he’s entreating the “Lord” to help him in this endeavor. More specifically, that would appear that that considers “downtown” to be the ar he can acquire some and is because of this requesting a greater power to “take” that there.

The implication would certainly be that, gift a grown man and all, the can gain downtown ~ above his own. Thus that emotion is most likely meant to suggest to the notion of him praying because that favor in scoring “some tush”, which that feels “ain’t asking as well much”.

What is “Tush”?

And whatever tush may it is in – a slang term because that sex or a referral to something luxurious – the vocalist perceives it as some type of significant relief. He’s been moving around quite a lot and also is now idealizing return “back home”. Yet he wants to carry out so “not by (himself)… alone” but rather, obviously, alongside an additional individual.

In Conclusion

Well, without getting too wordy on the matter, let’s just conclude by saying that out of the two aforementioned premises, all lyrics taken into consideration this song would read much more logical if the vocalist to be in reality referring to some tush – i.e. A “piece of a-s” as opposed to some type of high-end item or what have you.



Facts about “Tush”

This was among two songs ZZ top performed upon gift inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of reputation in 2004. And the various other was 1973’s “La Grange“.

Being the second single from the band’s album Fandango!, “Tush” itself was officially exit 1 January 1975. London records was responsible for its issuance.

“Tush” was a hit. In ~ a optimal position the number 20, it marked the 2nd highest ZZ Top ever before reached on the Billboard hot 100. But beyond its chart reflecting it is thought about a standard by likes the VH1, who in 2009 ranked it among the “Top 100 difficult Rock Songs” ever.

Indeed in the years due to the fact that its release, “Tush” has enjoyed quite one extensive pop media usage.

The authors of this track are Dusty Hill, open minded Beard and Billy Gibbons, i.e. The members the ZZ peak from 1969 into the 2020s. In fact the latter two space still active as of the composing of this post, however Dusty Hill passed away on 28 July 2021.

And follow to Gibbons, Hill instructed him, on his deathbed, to save the band going with Elwood Francis acquisition his place, which is exactly what he and Beard are currently doing.

Meanwhile Billy Ham (1937-2016), who helped create ZZ Top, is attributed as the producer the “Tush”.

According come legend, this track was composed “in about 10 minutes”. Indeed it to be one i m sorry ZZ Top put together on the fly.

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Former united state President George W. Bush is recognized to be a very big fan of ZZ Top’s, as they have actually proven come be big stars in the city the Houston, where Dubya himself was also raised. And in ~ the solemn event of his first Presidential inauguration in 2001, the tape played “Tush”.