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This page includes Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D"s world Championship 2010 reverse of Arcadia cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 16 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 9 unlockables, 2 glitches, 2 secrets. We hope info that you"ll discover at this page aid you in play Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D"s civilization Championship 2010 turning back of Arcadia top top Nintendo DS platform. If girlfriend didn"t find needed cheats placed request or ask question around this in ~ special ar of the game. Additionally you deserve to subscribe on all new cheats that we"ll uncover for girlfriend in the future!

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Fulfill the following problems to unlock different card packs in the game.

Unlockable:HowAbsolute PowerforceWin 3 structure Duels in a rowAcceleration 1st GearUnlocked by proceeding through story modeAcceleration second GearUnlocked by advancing through story modeAll in ~ RandomUnlock all other Packs, and have a completion rate of 95% or higherAncient ProphecyDefeat the Enforcers shadow in the enforcers HQ (go earlier and speak to Kalin afterwards)Crimson CrysisUnlocked by progressing through story modeCrossroads the ChaosUnlocked by advancing through story modeCyberdark Impact200 single duelsCybernetic RevolutionUnlocked by advancing through story modeElemental Energy100 single duelsEnemy the JusticeBeat the adhering to 3 times each: Itsuki, Arashiyama, Clock, Hiroyuki, Kuroe, Kameno, Ida, Kiyoto, Annie, Mimi, Chihiro, Natsumi, Hayakawa, Gordon, YusExtra PackBeat the complying with 3 times each: Tetsuzo, Trudge, MC, Bolt, Blister, Dexter, LeoExtra fill 2Clear all 10 Duel Puzzles (5 in ~ Arcadia Movement, 5 at Bootleg Bar)Flaming EternityUnlocked by progressing through story modeForce of the BreakerBeat 3 times: Kawasaki, Liquid, Okita, Jean, Aase, Motoi, Fukuoka, Honda, Ticera, Robinson, Coppola, Figaro, Corse, Angie, Morrison, HelioGenex"s Onslaught!!Beat the following 3 times each: Sayer, Lazar, Hunter, Randsborg, VP Heitmann, basic ChiefGladiator"s AssaultBeat the complying with 3 times each: Seria, Giado, Kurihara, Shirase, Tashiro, Smith, BassLight that DestructionUnlocked by proceeding through story modePhantom DarknessUnlocked by proceeding through story modePower of the DuelistUnlocked by proceeding through story modePulse that Trishula!!Beat the complying with 3 time each: Torunka, Regulus, ZemanRaging BattleDefeat the Dark Signers shadow in the exit area (go ago and speak to crow afterwards)Revival of the Fableds!!Beat the complying with 3 time each: Globe, Lagoon Noula, Narumi, Salida Noula, Grammy, Alina Noula, Oscar, Kalisse NoulaRise the Destiny50 single duelsRuler the Chaos!!Beat the complying with 3 times each: Yusei, Crow, Jack, Kalin (both Standard and also Turbo duels)Shadow of InfinityUnlocked by progressing through story modeSoul that the duelistUnlocked by progressing through story modeStardust OverdriveDefeat the Signers shadow in the stadion (go earlier and speak to MC afterwards)Strike that NeosUnlocked by progressing through story modeTactical EvolutionUnlocked by proceeding through story modeThe Duelist GenesisBeat the following 3 times each: Eiki, Zape,... continue →