Above, a 1934 plaque indigenous the big Apple Night club at West 135th Street and also Seventh path in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeye"s fast food restaurant top top Google Maps.Recent entries:•“New York is dead. Don’t come back” (10/17)•“What’s a lawyer’s favorite cocktail?"/"Subpoena Colada!” (10/16)•“Coffee is Friday in a cup” (10/15)•“Kissing ass is a course I no pass” (10/15)•“What carry out you say come an angry potato?"/"Anything, just butter that up.” (10/15)More brand-new entries...

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Above, large Apple edge at 54th Street and also Broadway in Manhattan. Google Maps.

Above, man J. Fitz Gerald, from the Aug. 15, 1931, Binghamton (NY) Press, pg. 14.

Listen to Robert Emmerich present "The large Apple," a hit tune from 1937. Music composed by Bob and also performed through Tommy Dorsey"s Clambake 7 with Bob ~ above piano. Lyrics created by friend Bernier and sung by Edythe Wright. Audio provided by Dorothy Emmerich.

Also hear to a 1937 "The big Apple" tune by Ozzie Nelson and also his Orchestra. View a 1929 photograph of john J. Fitz Gerald and also a 1931 photograph of john J. Fitz Gerald.

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"Betcha can’t eat simply one” to be the 1963 advertising project slogan (by Young & Rubicam) for Lay’s Potato Chips. Television heralding featured brand-new York City-born actor Bert Lahr (1895-1967). Lay’s has had other declaring slogans, yet “can’t eat simply one” is still used and also remembered through many. Countless other foods (such as peanuts and also popcorn) have been explained as “can’t eat just one.” In 1952 in a Winnipeg (Canada) newspaper, Dairy crate milk chocolates advertised “Impossible to eat just one!” and also “You can’t eat just one of this delightful Dairy crate milk chocolates!” In a 1963 newspaper column, peanuts were defined as something the “you can’t eat just one.” “Why walk the sea monster eat 5 ships delivering potatoes?"/"No one can eat just one potato ship” is a joke on the saying. Wikipedia: Lay’sLay’s is the brand name for a variety of potato chip varieties and the surname of the company that started the chip brand in 1938. Lay’s chips room marketed as a department of Frito-Lay, a agency owned by PepsiCo Inc. Due to the fact that 1965. Various other brands in the Frito-Lay group incorporate Fritos, Doritos, Ruffles, Cheetos and Rold gold pretzels.(...)Logos & Slogans. Merely Made. Just Good. (2009) . That’s one more reason come smile! Layer’s Potato Chips (2007) . Food because that the funny of it! (2007) . Layer’s, gain your laugh on! (2006-) . Layer’s. Desire some? . Betcha can’t eat just one (1960s-present) . Κανείς δεν μπορεί να φάει μόνο ένα! (Nobody have the right to eat just one) (Layer’s Greece) . Lays ka mazaa lo(Layer’s Pakistan)meaning-Have fun v Lay’s . Friend can’t eat simply one....Lagi bet! (Lay’s India) . Har programme ka key food (Lay’s India)meaning- The main food because that every programme . No one can eat simply one (Lay’s India) . A que no puedes comer solo una! (Lay’s Spain,Peru,Mexico,Chile and also Argentina) . Layer’s. Vrei si tu? (Lay’s Romania) . Лэйс - захрустишь,не устоишь!(Russia) . Kartą paragavęs negali sustot! (Lithuania) . 停不了的乐事! (Lay’s China) Wikipedia: Bert LahrBert Lahr (August 13, 1895 – December 4, 1967) was a American of German-Jewish heritage Tony Award-winning comic actor and also vaudeville comedian. BiographyBorn Irving Lahrheim in new York City, Lahr is ideal remembered this particular day for his duty as the Cowardly Lion and the Kansas farmworker Zeke in the classic 1939 movie The wizard of Oz, yet known during his life because that a job in burlesque, vaudeville and Broadway.(...)Later lifeLahr occasionally showed up on television, including NBC’s live variation of the Cole Porter musical Let’s challenge It (1954) and also an appearance together the an enig guest on What’s my Line? He also performed in commercials, consisting of a memorable series for Lay’s potato chips throughout its long-running “Betcha can’t eat simply one” project with Lahr together “Aunt Tillie”. Google BooksAccent: A Quarterly of new LiteratureBy university of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign campus). English DeptPublished through Accent, 1940Item notes: v. 1-2Pg. 179:He take it an egg and also a slice of bacon.“Oh, you’ve got to take more!” she exclaimed once she come back. “I fried them because that you. I can’t eat just one.’ 11 December 1952, Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) cost-free Press, pg. 17, col. 1 ad:Chewy, chewy soft Caramel, melty rich, enclosed like a jewel in a thick layer of superb milk chocolate. Impossible to eat simply one!(...)You can’t eat just one of these delightful Dairy box milk chocolates! One leads to another...then politeness provides you protect against counting!(Dairy box chocolates, do by Rowntree’s—ed.) 15 respectable 1963, Oakland (CA) Tribune, “The Scary TV Details” by George Ross, pg. 50D, col. 1:But you understand what it will certainly be like? like peanuts. Girlfriend can’t eat simply one. 18 in march 1965, Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, UT), pg. C13, col. 2 ad:“Betche can’t eat simply one!”(Lay’s Potato Chips—ed.) 7 December 1967, brand-new York (NY) Times, “Advertising: A Product’s Image and also a Death” through Philip H. Dougherty, pg. 80:Old timers in the service could no recall yesterday the fatality of any kind of actor as very closely identified come a product as Bert Lahr to be to Lay’s Potato Chips.(...)The comic with the wonderfully expressive confront died here on Monday in ~ the age of 72. That same day Young Rubicam, the ad agency because that Frito-Lay’s potato chips, started recalling the commercials and substituting one there is no the gibbs that had actually been made last summer/(...)Mr. Lahr, who had actually gone on document that he would become far better known as a potato chip spokesman than for anything rather he had done in his lengthy career, signed his first year-and-a-half contract v the firm four years earlier when the product was introduced natioanlly. The layout (which will proceed to be used) has been “You have the right to eat a million but you can not eat just one.” 6 April 1972, Dallas (TX) Morning News, “Bet friend can’t eat just one” by Sandal and also Pritch English, section E, pg. 3:Who hasn’t said of goodies at once or another, “They’re as with peanuts; i can’t protect against eating them!” brand-new York (NY) TimesTHE MEDIA BUSINESS: ADVERTISING; Crisper Chips, new SlogansBy Eben ShapiroPublished: Friday, might 8, 1992Two the the best-known slogans in advertising are changing to herald alters in the commodities they promote. “Betcha can’t eat simply one,” the theme for Lay’s potato chips because 1963, becomes “Too great to eat simply one” in a campaign co-starring the basketball players Larry Bird and also Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and also scheduled to be introduced Monday. Brand-new York (NY) TimesPROSECUTORS DROP demand THAT ITO action DOWN IN CASEBy DAVID MARGOLICKPublished: Thursday, august 17, 1995(...)Judge Ito will soon review the tapes, a process, Mr. Cochran predicted confidently, that will certainly not take long since they are too irresistible to turn off. “You know, as with Lay’s potato chips, you can’t put them down, girlfriend can’t eat just one,” the said. “Once girlfriend start, you’re walking to keep going.” (Trademark)Word mark BETCHA CAN’T EAT just ONE Goods and also Services IC 029. Us 046. G & S: Potato-based snack foods, including potato chips. Very first USE: 19990500. First USE IN COMMERCE: 19990500 Mark drawing Code (1) TYPED drawing Serial Number 75578816 Filing date October 28, 1998 present Filing communication 1A initial Filing communication 1B released for the contrary July 20, 1999 it is registered Number 2453656 Registration day May 22, 2001 Owner (REGISTRANT) Recot, Inc. Coporation, group DELAWARE 5000 Hopyard Road, Suite 460 Pleasanton CALIFORNIA 94588(LAST detailed OWNER) FRITO-LAY phibìc AMERICA, INC. Coporation, group DELAWARE 7701 tradition DRIVE legislation DEPARTMENT PLANO TEXAS 75024Assignment recorded ASSIGNMENT videotaped Attorney of document Joseph J. Ferretti prior Registrations 1329882 kind of mark TRADEMARK Register major Affidavit text SECT 15. SECT 8 (6-YR). Live/Dead Indicator LIVE (Trademark)Word mark A QUE NO PUEDES COMER SOLA UNA Translations The English translation of words “QUE NO PUEDES COMER SOLA UNA” in the mark is “BETCHA CAN’T EAT simply ONE”. Goods and Services (ABANDONED) IC 029. Us 046. G & S: POTATO-BASED SNACK FOODS, NAMELY, POTATO CHIPS and POTATO CRISPS Mark illustration Code (1) TYPED illustration Serial Number 78188914 Filing date November 26, 2002 existing Filing basis 1B original Filing communication 1B published for opposition July 29, 2003 Owner (APPLICANT) FRITO-LAY north AMERICA, INC. Coporation, group DELAWARE 7701 tradition DRIVE law DEPARTMENT PLANO TEXAS 75024 Assignment recorded ASSIGNMENT taped Attorney of record DIANE F. HUND front Registrations 2453656 type of mark TRADEMARK Register primary Live/Dead Indicator DEAD Abandonment date April 22, 2005