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Rhythm Slashes

This is a rhythm etc chart because that You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift. The strumming sample is slightly different from Runaway Train, in that, the second half of the third beat is played v an upstroke. This is the just difference in between the 2 patterns. As soon as again, the pattern is made up entirely the quarter and also eighth note rhythm slashes. The strum direction and also count is notated in measure one. This pattern proceeds through the entire tune. Simply strum the sample according come the variety of measures notated. Through this method, there is no reliance on the text to suggest where the chord chages fall, i beg your pardon can an outcome in strange time signatures. Most rhythm components are no actually play with just one pattern. Instead, they are composed that a number of different trends throughout the song. Sticking through one sample will add discipline to the strumming hand.

The duty Of The Capo

If you desire to play v the recording or the backing track, you must location a capo ~ above the fourth fret.

Once referred to as a 'cheater bar', capos enable you to play open up chords in various keys. The capo replace instead replace barre chords (chords that call for the very first finger to be positioned throughout all the strings, hence the surname cheater bar). In effect, the capo is replacing the seed (the plastic, steel or ivory component of the guitar that the strings pass over and continue come the tuning pegs). The same high pitched sound is produced when strumming behind the capo or the nut.When the capo is inserted on the 4th fret, the D major becomes F sharp Major, the A major becomes C spicy Major, the E minor becomes G spicy minor and also the G major is transposed come B Major. Every one of these there is no the capo, are generally barre chord shapes. The capo stays in ar for the whole song. Over there are variety of capos top top the industry (some even allow you to move the capo quickly during the song), yet I very recommend the cause style. Very easy to attach and also remove. Of course, if you room playing and also singing the song on her own, the capo is not needed, yet you will have to transpose (change the key), that the melody line.


"You Belong with Me"

You're on the phone with your girl friend ‒ she's upset,She's walking off about something that you said'Cause she doesn't gain your humour like I do.

I'm in the room ‒ it's a typical Tuesday night.I'm listening to the type of music she doesn't like.And she'll never understand your story like I do.

But she wears brief skirtsI stay t-shirtsShe's cheer captainAnd I'm on the bleachersDreaming about the day once you wake up up and findThat what you're spring for has actually been here the entirety time.

If you could seeThat I'm the oneWho understands you.Been right here all along.So, why can't you check out ‒You belong v me,You belong v me?

Walking the streets with girlfriend in her worn out jeansI can't help thinking this is exactly how it ought to be.Laughing on a park bench thinking to myself,"Hey, isn't this easy?"

And you've acquired a smileThat have the right to light increase this entirety town.I haven't watched it in awhileSince she carried you down.

You speak you're well ‒ I recognize you much better than that.Hey, what friend doing v a girl choose that?

She wears high heels,I wear sneakers.She's cheer captain,And I'm top top the bleachers.Dreaming about the day once you wake up and also findThat what you're looking for has actually been below the totality time.

If you can seeThat I'm the oneWho understands you,Been right here all along.So, why can't you view ‒You belong v me?

Standing by and waiting at her backdoor.All this time how could you not know, baby ‒You belong through me,You belong through me?

Oh, i remember you to be driving to my houseIn the center of the night.I'm the one who provides you laughWhen you recognize you're 'bout come cry.I recognize your favourite songs,And girlfriend tell me around your dreams.Think I recognize where girlfriend belong,Think I recognize it's v me.

Can't friend seeThat I'm the oneWho understands you?Been below all along.So, why can't you check out ‒You belong through me?

Standing by and also waiting at your backdoor.All this time how could you not know, baby ‒You belong through me,You belong v me?

You belong with me.

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Have you ever before thought simply maybeYou belong through me?

You belong v me.

This is the whole song v rhythm guitar, bass, drums, and also synth strings. Kinda haunting sound. Anyway, have fun!