There are lots of reasons why missionaries walk home. Team conflict. Marital conflict. Dispute with leadership. Dorn expectations. Lack of success in ministry. Absence of jae won support. Children’s education. Career change. Continuing education. Wellness problems. Infidelity. Apostasy. War. Visa revoked. The list can go on.

But one of the reasons that I rarely hear is a absence of friends. That course, it would be daunting for anyone to really recognize that a lack of genuine, deep, friendships top top the mission ar is the factor they are going home. It just sounds wimpy to say, “I to be going home since I am lonely and don’t have any kind of friends.” it is the kind of thing that girlfriend would expect a 7 year old come say when leaving the playground, however not a maturation adult who has actually committed their life to offer the mr overseas. That notwithstanding, i am convinced that a absence of friends, or at the very least the lack of one or two close friends, is a significant reason why countless missionaries don’t do it top top the mission field long-term. It is never ever the only reason, but when all those other reasons to provide up space crashing over our heads prefer so numerous waves, near friends can aid us swim versus the existing instead of sinking in rocky waters.

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While most world know that it is harder to go it alone, isolation is a unpreventable fact-of-life for countless missionaries. Even if it is they room in a large city or a small village, missionaries frequently feel favor they on castle are fully on your own, reduced off indigenous those who have the right to understand and sympathize with them. And also this have the right to be specifically acute for brand-new missionaries. Those who have been ~ above the ar for a long-time have actually (hopefully) learned the neighborhood language well and also come to feeling more-or-less at home in their host culture. Castle have come to terms through the things that shock the recently arrived, and their language capability is sufficiently occurred to have coherent relationships with neighborhood people. And that familiarity and also those relationships bring joy.

But brand-new missionaries don’t have actually that advantage. They may have acquired to the suggest where they deserve to order food and also chat about the weather v ease, however they quiet don’t feel comfortable in their embraced tongue. Talk in the local language is still difficult work and also they still can not express what is walk on deep within of them to those roughly them. They have obtained over society shock however they proceed to encounter points that confuse and frustrate them. “Why go everybody execute THAT?!” castle think come themselves. “And WHY is it that I have actually been here THIS long and I STILL can not say what I want to say?!” When brand-new missionaries suffer this, it can really assist to have actually a friend who is in the same watercraft to share with, and to be safe with. Common encouragement have the right to go along means to surviving and thriving ~ above the mission field.

But that is no just new missionaries that need friends. Veteran missionaries and local Christian employees need good friends together well. When I functioned in central Thailand, I had actually the possibility to attend some weekend camps for permanent Thai Christian workers. Once these men (and a few women) come together, lock smiled wide, laughed, ate, and thoroughly enjoyed being together. Ns don’t think it yes, really mattered come them who the speaker was for the weekend or what the content of the sessions were. Castle were simply glad to be together. Ns too have actually been come missionary conferences where the speaker was simply okay, but the fellowship was great. It to be time v the other missionaries that i was looking forward too, not so much the speak or workshops. Why is that?

For anyone in full time ministry, it has tendency to it is in the case that unless you room at a huge church (which many missionaries and pastors in the human being are not), you are carrying the load of leading your church or to adjust with little to no help. Sometimes you have a teammate. Periodically you don’t. As churches grow, there are lay leaders, and also sometimes co-workers. And that is awesome. But many times, especially in a new church plant or new ministry start-up, you may feel favor you space the just one who really cares whether this thing succeeds or fails. And also as you work-related diligently to get things off the ground, it deserve to feel favor others are standing about looking at you quizzically with raised eyebrows, as if come say, “What IS he doing?! and why?” The duty of missionary or pastor is no well construed in numerous places. Even in the West, that is typical for people to think that the pastor only works at some point per week, for an hour top top Sunday morning. The priorities, issues, values, and also time commitments the the missionary are different than the vast bulk of those about him. The things he cares about are not even on the radar display screen of others. The is straightforward for feeling of loneliness and also isolation to feather up. And also if there is any type of conflict or opposition, specifically from from Christians, bitterness can conveniently take root together well.

And when difficult times come, that is there to aid you? Mission leadership may or might not be helpful, or even available. Your mission organization may have great member care folks who action in to aid you out. But maybe lock don’t. Possibly your organization has lousy member care. Or perhaps you don’t have actually an organization. You can Facebook or Skype with folks earlier home, and also they have the right to listen sympathetically, yet they more than likely don’t know your neighborhood context well sufficient to recognize your situation very well. Even worse, they might be therefore sympathetic the they affirm your grumbling about “those people” rather than call you to account and also helping you to see points in suitable perspective. And when loneliness, frustration, and also stress from society / language / ministry or other factors builds up, a one-way ticket house starts to look an extremely attractive.

So what have the right to we perform to prevent that homeward trip and keep missionaries on the ar long-term? First, I’ll phone call you want NOT come do. Don’t whine around how your mission company has poor member treatment or doesn’t have sufficient fellowship. Rather of waiting roughly for part organizational adjust or new infrastructure to be put in place, it is in pro-active and also reach the end to one more missionary or 2 who you think you might get on v well and also strike increase a friendship. Go out for coffee. Have actually a meal. Talk about ministry. Around family. About something deep and about nothing at all. “That sounds great,” you might say, “but over there is nobody in mine area.” That may be true, particularly if you space in a far village. Yet even then, in numerous remote locations mobile phones space not uncommon. Get on the phone and call a friend. Don’t short article all your frustrations ~ above Facebook and wait approximately for a drip-feed of sympathy and also encouragement come come as world “Like” her comment. Just contact somebody. It will be much more personal, deep, satisfying, and life-giving than any type of social media website or email. I’m not against digital media, however I am finding them come be much inferior to in-person or on-the-phone communication.

During my previous term of company I discovered myself ending up being frustrated and also bitter in a much less than appropriate ministry situation, yet I had a missionary friend three hrs away that would just randomly speak to me to ask about this or that. We had actually struck up a friendship as soon as he to be attending language college about half an hour up the road from the church whereby I was working. He had attended there and helped v out through a youngsters club when he remained in language school. Even after he relocated to Bangkok, we stayed in touch and also got into the habit of just calling each other whenever us felt like it to ask about this or the ministry thing, or to ask how the other one was getting on. I really delighted in those conversations (and quiet do) and constantly put under the phone v the feeling that ns wasn’t alone and also that there was someone else who “got it.” currently that our family members lives in Bangkok, I view him in person more often however in this large city we are still one hour far from each other. And also unfortunately the is around to go on home assignment for six months, so the totality time zone issue means talking ~ above the phone call will become much less convenient because that a time. But he’ll be back. And also he is not my just friend.

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Whatever we carry out as missionaries, we require to acquire friends for ourselves. With lengthy distances and also busy schedule it won’t be easy, yet we must do it because that the services of our very own survival. A couple of close friendships with other missionaries can lug life-giving joy to ourselves that will help us obtain through the stormy times, and also not just survive ~ above the mission field but likewise thrive. Perform it for yourself. Carry out it for her friend. Carry out it for her family. Do it for your ministry. Perform it because that the church. Carry out it because that the glory the God and also the renown that our lord Jesus Christ.

Go do a friend today and stay ~ above the field long-term to make an impact for the kingdom the God.