No one wants to be component of the problem. Everyone wants to be component of the solution. Regardless of wherein you lie, we are all in it together.

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In the minute of whatever disaster is dealing with you, it can be extremely difficult to ascertain wherein you stand. It’s usually not until the dust has worked out that we check out where us really were when it all happened.

But to understand where friend are, it’s important to know what every one means.

Part of the Problem



When we say us are part of the problem, our minds immediately go to “something is wrong with me, I’m do this happen”. But that is no the case.

The problem can be large and all-encompassing, while ours involvement can be minimal. In the instance of a forest fire because that instance, we deserve to be component of the problem – “the fire is heading for my house” – yet NOT a contributor come the problem.

This is crucial distinction. Contributing come the problem and being a component of the are entirely separate routes to working v issues. Also if you space a contributor, this doesn’t median you space the sole source of what is walk wrong. It simply method you are a part of it – and also now you need to find a method out of it.

At the moment, as soon as you establish this, you have actually the finest view in the home of what is wrong and what demands to it is in fixed. You are in the best position come take that leap and also turn the around.

Part the the Solution


Everyone desires to be component of the solution. Everyone desires to run in and also help. Everyone wants to be component of the team that renders something happen. Everyone wants to be the hero. But no everyone can.

When functioning on a difficulty within a large team, over there are countless roles come play. Soon, it becomes straightforward to watch that no everyone can be part of the solution.

If there are too many people involved, too plenty of opinions gift offered, an ext meetings than action, climate no one is component of the solution. They merely become another symptom that the problem.

Sports teams have actually a limit on how many world can it is in on the field or court at a time if the rest wait come “sub in”. Better players might be on the sidelines. Yet they can’t all be ~ above the ar trying to get a goal at the very same time. That would reason chaos, pandemonium, and insanity through a finish lack that strategy.

How carry out you arrangement for having much more than 2 players top top the field? If you are component of the solution, make certain you are indeed, a part of that – and also not contributing to the problem.

Part of the Landscape


Of all three of these, I find the option to being component of the landscape to it is in the scariest when used to a situation.

When you are component of the problem, you understand where you stand. As soon as you are component of the solution, you have actually an idea of where you have to go. But when friend are part of the landscape, you know neither.

You are simply…there. Waiting because that something.

People who room there, waiting for someone rather to react, come tell them what to do, where to walk – lock aren’t part of the team, lock aren’t engaged, castle aren’t looking to run in. They space there waiting, holding earlier and not prepared to take it a leap or come contribute.

Perhaps they’re worried what others will certainly think if they try something. Or perhaps they aren’t sure. Every little thing it is, they have actually melted into the landscape and also can’t do a decision.

In a case like this, the duty shifts to the civilization who are part of the problem and solution to lug them to the forefront, come encourage them come talk.

If nobody is able to execute that because that you, start by elevating your hand. Start by asking a question. When world see friend this way, they’ll know that girlfriend can carry value to solving a problem.

Good instances of people who are component of the landscape space stakeholders or end users the a product. They might not understand all the problems and solutions about them, but they recognize the impact they have the right to have. Their viewpoints have the right to immensely aid during improvements.

Final Thoughts

At the finish of any situation, it’s easy to say which next you was standing on. Hindsight provides that come you. However looking back after every occasion is not going to help you. Us won’t prosper from it. We won’t get better. Prevent measuring your contributions against the success that the situation.

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Instead, take it a step back when the case is unfolding. Watch at wherein you are, that you are, and also what you are contributing. That’s once we start to view whether us are component of the problem, component of the solution, or simply part of the landscape.