After spending several days building and also drawing arrays, students usage what they know around adding teams to develop repeated enhancement number sentence to stand for their arrays.

Use enhancement to find the total variety of objects arranged in rectangular arrays with up come 5 rows and up to 5 columns; write an equation to express the full as a amount of same addends.

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I start class by offering each college student an entrance ticket:

At the cookie store, the cookies are arranged in 5 rows with 3 cookies in each row. Draw range to show how the cookies space arranged.

When students space finished with the enntrance gate ticket, I have one or two students share out their prize by drawing the range on the plank or sharing your answer under the paper camera.

Guiding Questions: How countless cookies space in each column? How many cookies are in every row? How plenty of cookies room there total?

Entrance Ticket

Introduction to new Material

10 minutes

Today we room going to work-related on building number sentences because that an array. Once we do a number sentence because that an array, we room able to easily determine what the complete is.

I desire you come turn and talk v your partner around this question: exactly how did you number out exactly how many total cookies were in our cookie array?

As student discuss, ns circulate to examine for understanding and listen to college student strategies. Part students might have count by ones, others might have counting by threes, rather may have counted by 5s.

Now, on the ago of your entrance ticket, I want you to create a number sentence the models the way that you counted the total. What number sentence can we use for ours cookie array?

Some students might not understand where come begin, yet I encourage them to think about how many are in every row and also how they could include the rows together.

Now, I desire you come turn and also tell your partner around your number sentence and explain exactly how you determined your answer.

When finished with the turn and also talk, i ask students to share your number sentences and share WHY they determined that number sentence. Some students may say 5+5+5, others may say 3+3+3+3+3. Is one answer exactly or space both correct?

Note: some students might additionally subitize the rows and columns (i.e: they might say that the equation is 6+6+3 for the cookie array). In this case, i ask them just how they observed each 6 (3+3) in order to store the focus on the rows and also columns. This copy strategy is crucial skill, but when making equations because that arrays, the number sentence needs to complement the array.

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Depending on college student understanding, time, and also student engagement, I can give one more example:

I want you come tell me all of the number sentences for the following array:





Turn and also Talk: What number sentence might we usage for this array?

When finished through the turn and talk, ns ask students come share their number sentences and share WHY they made decision that number sentence. Some students may say 3+3+3+3 others may say 4+4+4.