You"ll want to upgrade her classes in last Fantasy Pixel Remaster come make her team a powerhouse. Here"s exactly how to carry out it.

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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Fight advocated Classes
The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is a really faithful re-imagining that the first entry in the last Fantasy franchise. V that comes several of the quirks the the original, such as the possibility that you can completely miss out on the side pursuit that allows you promote her party into much better classes.

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There are just a few hints as to this possibility, together as some dialogue native NPCs and also the truth that your black color Mages and also White Mages can not yet learn the Warp and also Teleport spells, respectively. The just surefire method to learn around this search is come come throughout some dragon directly.

just how To Upgrade her Classes

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Cardia Islands
The strength to promote comes directly from Bahamut, the King of Dragons. He deserve to be uncovered on the Cardia islands in the Dragon Caves. Friend can discover these conveniently by acquisition a quick look at the world map — the Cardia Islands room a large of small islands come the north, in between the two northern continents.

over there are plenty of holes on this islands, each resulting in a different Dragon Cave. There room no random encounters here, so feel free to explore them all to pick up some great loot. Bahamut deserve to be discovered in the very first hole from the left. The King that Dragons will certainly tell you that you should retrieve a symbol of her bravery before he will upgrade your classes — this price is the Rat Tail, which can be found in the Citadel of Trials (also called the castle of Ordeals in various versions that the game).

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Citadel of Trials
The Citadel of Trials is conveniently close to the Cardia Islands, just to the east. However, you can not land her airship nearby thanks to the marshes and also the forests. You need to land a small distance away and also then go the perilous trip to the citadel. Landing simply south of the very small desert to the eastern is a good choice.

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Once you've make your method to the citadel, you'll have to talk come the guy inside who will define that the citadel is a test of courage. Head to the room in the upper-left and also sit top top the throne to begin this dungeon.

The an initial floor is a teleporter puzzle. Don't problem though, together you will not need to make the wrong choices to pick up endowment or something as many RPGs space wont come do. Simply keep this ascendancy in psychic at every times: when presented with a choice, take it the reduced teleporter. This is true the the critical teleporter, which is one of plenty of scattered approximately a corridor. If you room confused, simply remember not to take it a teleporter that lines up with a door bring about a endowment room. Mercifully, the citadel has a low encounter rate, yet it does have some tricky enemies to be wary of. Medusas room weak however they have the right to petrify your characters, and also Mindflayers have an instant-death attack that can ruin your day. Try to defeat them as quickly as possible, or flee if you're feeling much less confident. The third floor is a very straightforward corridor every the way to the boss. Top top the means are plenty of chests to loot and a forced encounter through a Nightmare that need to be a dream, honestly. The Healing staff that you get here is very nice, together it casts heal when provided in battle — that is countless healing! in ~ the finish of the corridor, you'll uncover the Rat Tail in a chest, however there's a hit you have to complete prior to you're allowed onto the throne to teleport out of the citadel.

BOSS: how To defeat The Dragon Zombies

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Citadel that Trials Throne Room
HP: 268 Resistances: ice cream Weaknesses: Fire, Dia Abilities: Poison physicals You've fought sufficient undead creatures by currently to know what to do. There room two Dragon Zombies and spells like Firaga and Diaga will address them handily. They have actually low HP and you're not likely to be weakened by this really short dungeon, so simply go all out.

Once girlfriend win, sit ~ above the throne and you'll be teleported earlier to the ground floor the the citadel.

Taking The Rat Tail back To Bahamut

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Bahamut course Change
Head earlier to her airship and also return come the King that Dragons. Once presented with the Rat Tail he will certainly upgrade your classes together follows.

Initial ClassPromoted ClassBenefits
WarriorKnightCan cast up to level three White Magic and also use the best weapons and also armor in the game.
ThiefNinjaCan actors up come level 4 Black Magic and also use a hugely expanded selection of weapons, consisting of the finest katanas.
MonkMasterVastly increased damages output.
Black MageBlack WizardAccess to the ideal dagger, the best staves, the black Robes, and also the greatest level black Magic.
White MageWhite WizardAccess to best hammers and staves, the White Robes, and also the exit spell.
Red MageRed WizardAccess come the finest swords and also some higher-tier magic such together Blizzaga and also Life.

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The upgrades are not readily apparent, however you'll soon an alert the bang in power as soon as you level increase a bit. However, the an initial order of service should be to go and collect the Warp and also Exit spells indigenous Melmond and Crescent Lake.

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