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There room 17 five-letter native containing W and also Z

BWAZISorry, definition not available.

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SWIZZ• swizz n. (Britain, informal) A swindle, disappointment.• swizz v. (Britain, informal, transitive, intransitive) to swindle.
TOWZE• towze v. Alternative form of touse.
TOWZY• towzy adj. (Scotland) Shaggy and also unkempt.
WALTZ• waltz n. A ballroom dance in 3/4 time.• waltz n. A item of music because that this run (or in triple time).• waltz n. (informal) A an easy task.
WANZE• wanze v. Alternative form of wanse.
WAREZ• warez n. (Internet slang, leetspeak) software program that is illegally acquired or distributed.• warez v. (Internet slang, leetspeak) To attain a copy that (software or other works of authorship) illegally.
WAZIR• wazir n. Alternative type of vizier.• Wazir n. A member the a tribe of Pashtuns in Waziristan, Pakistan.• Wazir prop.n. A surname.
WAZOO• wazoo n. (colloquial) The anus; ass.
WEIZESorry, definition not available.
WHIZZ• whizz n. Alternate spelling that whiz.• whizz v. Alternative spelling the whiz.
WINZE• winze n. A steep tower in a mine i m sorry joins two levels.
WIZEN• wizen adj. Wizened; withered; lean and also wrinkled through shrinkage together from period or illness.• wizen v. (transitive, intransitive) to wither; come become, or make, lean and also wrinkled through shrinkage, as from age or illness.
WIZESSorry, meaning not available.
WOOTZ• wootz n. A famous form of steel from India, lot admired because that making knife blades.
WOOZY• woozy adj. Queasy, dizzy, or disoriented.• woozy adj. Intoxicated by drink or drugs.
ZOWIE• zowie interj. (US, slang) an indication the astonishment or admiration.

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