Agenda:1. Evaluation "roots"2. "therm" native sort3. Evaluation Test: Therm (heat, temperature)4. Complete Foldable: Greek & Latin roots (list 1)5. Roots evaluation Game

The "root" that a word, is the basic kind or part of the word. Words the share the exact same root, are often related in meaning.

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The source spec means "to look"Words that have actually "spec" in it, regularly relate to looking or seeing something.
Use the definitions below to complete your native sort.Step 1: reduced out your vocabulary words and also definitions. Step 2: kind your words and also definitions therefore they match. Step 3: glue your recently sorted list onto the yellow paper.
endothermic = heated from within the bodyexothermic = requires heat to be absorbed from outside the bodytherm = a unit of warmth equal to 1,000 an excellent caloriesthermal = associated to warmth or temperaturethermodynamic = led to or operated by heat that has readjusted into various forms of energythermograph = a machine that automatically writes under (records) changes in temperaturethermometer = an instrument that actions temperature or heatthermophile = an organism the has adjusted to living in very high temperature (heat), such together bacteria or algaethermos = a container the is used to store things warm, such together your soup; a double-walled container that keeps points warmthermostat = a an equipment used to manage the temperature
Use her completed word kind to take it the therm root evaluation test. This will go in the gradebook together a Level 2 Assessment.

Complete your Greek & Latin root foldable. See how many words girlfriend canlist that usage the defined roots. Her goal is to perform at the very least 1 word for eachroot. As you list your words, think about how the word relates to the meaningof the root.

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All done? Staple her word sort, your quiz & or blue foldable together and also turn all 3 in.

Greek Roots testimonial Game

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