Wizards the Waverly Place: The Worst points Each Character ever Did Wizards that Waverly location was a family-friendly Disney channel series, yet the characters really did do some horrible things top top the show.

For 4 seasons, the Russo family members excited viewers with magical mishaps and stories of friendship and family. The show was one of Disney Channel"s most far-ranging successes from viewership to Emmy nominations and awards. Wizards of Waverly Place earned itself a movie in between seasons two and also three and also later aired a reunion hour event, The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex, pass the family ago together.

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Throughout the seasons, the Russos had actually to battle several magical difficulties that teach them just how to be far better wizards. Nothing was ever a smooth journey magically or simply in their day-to-day lives. Not everyone did the best thing every the time, and also sometimes that leads to some damaging mistakes or choices.

although Alex to be the key rule-breaker in the Russo family, Kelbo knowingly broke the law. In "Dude Looks choose Shakira," Kelbo reveals that he has actually been the genuine Shakira the entire time and also was not simply goofing approximately with a assignment to shot and impersonate her.

Since the spell had a problem, Kelbo got a magician cold from the spell, bring about him come jump ago and forth in between himself and his Shakira persona. Kelbo straight states he broke the law, and also if the sorcerer’s Council find out, they might use a dragon to rest both his hands, remove his capability to host a wand.

9 Zeke: damaged Up v Harper

when Zeke"s magic trick doesn"t walk according come plan, that realizes he have to be a wizard. Excited, Zeke reveals to Harper and also Justin that he has magical powers. Alex is contents to allow Zeke think it and wait because that him to fail, yet Justin and Harper recognize that other is bound to go wrong.

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They room proven best soon after when Zeke and also Max team increase to placed on a magic present for a child"s birthday party. Harper knows Zeke won"t be able to do genuine magic, however her i can not qualify to tell Zeke the truth around the Russos leader Zeke to understand that Harper is not informing Zeke the truth. After learning the truth, Zeke apologizes come Harper, and also they get back together.

return Max"s change into a little girl was no Theresa"s fault, she did walk too far in the means she cure Max. Throughout "Daddy"s small Girl," Theresa costume Max in Alex"s old clothing and repeatedly treats Max as if the is Theresa"s young daughter.

For some reason, Theresa does no act normally with Max and also enjoys responding to him as if he was Maxine. Theresa"s actions upset Max due to the fact that Max knows the he is the one who has to resolve this. In the complying with episodes, Theresa had actually gone earlier to treating Max prefer himself.

7 Jerry: compared Alex to Justin

Theresa Russo Wizards Waverly Place
With having such various children, Jerry and Theresa have actually each made comments around wishing their children were different. Often, Jerry and also Theresa wished that Alex was more like Justin.

This comparison happened far too often, do Alex feel bad, which command to difficulties on much more than one occasion. At first, Alex made decision to do a wish through a genie to do everyone protect against comparing she to Justin. Later, Jerry"s comments around Alex during The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex, lead Alex to separate her good side from she bad, creating an angry duplicate.

Juliet was no a central character on Wizards of Waverly Place. However, she actions during "Wizards vs. Werewolves" created an event that leader to several difficulties for the main characters. In do the efforts to save Justin, Juliet jumps come his defense, fighting Mason in his werewolf form. As things start gaining worse, Juliet take away the extra step to save Justin through biting Mason, forcefully slapping him out of his werewolf type before he transforms into a wolf forever.

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Luckily, Juliet and Mason both return to the collection later. However, if "Wizards Unleashed" defines how Mason can return to human being form, Juliet"s change to being young again is never revealed.

5 Mason: Anger Issues

Mason was mostly a sweet, love person. Yet, his werewolf side made it challenging for Mason to regulate his anger. Even more, the is never clearly shown that Mason ever tries to avoid himself from transforming right into a werewolf once he gets mad. Mason"s inability to store himself in examine has brought about several people to panic or fear him.

Mason"s anger has led come Juliet"s adjust to an larger woman, losing manage on a boat where he to be a guest, eat Dean, and destroying Alex"s ceremony as soon as Mason assaulted Chase. Mason has shown many times the he can not control his anger, and it always causes adverse effects on others.

Harper"s fate to be revealed long before Wizards the Waverly Place ended. In the season 2 episode, "Future Harper" Alex, Justin, and Max uncover that the author behind the novels written around their sorcerer’s adventures to be Harper indigenous the future. Future Harper, or H.J. Darling, had come back to write about wizards in ~ a time as soon as mortals didn"t know wizards and magic to be real.

Future Harper admits that in the future, anyone knows about wizards because one that the 4 of them has a big mouth. However, the problematic aspect is no that Harper wrote the books, however that Harper walk it without Alex"s permission. When Alex directly asked, Future Harper revealed that Alex had actually not provided Harper permission to create novels based upon her life.

3 Max: Released monsters Into brand-new York

A decision come sabotage Justin creates more mayhem than Max intended. Max had wished to create chaos, slow Justin"s rankings in the sorcerer’s Competition. But, his an option ends up not simply hurting Justin, yet other monster hunters who had actually to clean up the mess.

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One the the monsters the Max released to be a Mummy that at some point took Juliet hostage. Justin no hope tried to uncover Juliet afterward, but he did no avail until learning Mason was a werewolf. When rescuing Juliet, Max accidentally figures out just how that unraveling the Mummy would certainly kill it.

after Juliet, Justin dropped for Rosie, one angel the infiltrated his delinquent class. Conveniently falling for Rosie, Justin was quickly played, no realizing that Rosie to be an angel of Darkness. Rosie had gradually been negatively influencing Justin together they acquired closer, wishing to usage him for Gorog"s angry plan.

When Justin decides he would fairly be through Rosie than aid defeat the Angels that Darkness, that is ready to do whatever Rosie asks the him, consisting of stealing the ethical compass the was pointed come "Good." Justin additionally briefly gave up his wand, trading the for point of view of Darkness wings.

1 Alex: The Wish

Alex"s best mistake almost cost Alex her whole family. An argument between Alex and Theresa gets out of hand once Alex screams she wished her parents had actually never met if holding the family members Full sorcerer’s Wand.

With limited time to get the stone of desires to reverse the spell, Alex and her brothers must reach the rock and gain their parents together prior to the kids lose your memories and also poof out of existence. Just after Max and also Justin have actually disappeared go Alex lastly get the rock of desires to cancel the wish that nearly destroyed her family.

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