I have actually a version 1886 .33 WCF (serial 155183 A) the is in decent original condition with the exception of part rust and also pitting top top the cause and activity area. The barrel and also wood are in good shape because that the age. My question relates to restoring the gun and also what must be done. I don"t desire to lose the authenticity the the pistol by over restoring it however I feel choose something demands to it is in done for the rusted surfaces. What would certainly you recommend for a repair in this case? I have attached a pair low quality pictures just so friend can get a stormy idea the the condition. Thanks!




11 year ago

Pictures sent...

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10 year ago

I would be interested in your 1886--i collect Octagon lever action winchesters--Bill Stratton, sunlight Valley ID

Bert H.
10 year ago


All Winchester model 1886 rifles & carbines do after august 1901 were blued verus case color finished, and 100% of the design 1886 rifles do in 33 W.C.F. Were factory blued (the 33 W.C.F. Was introduced in 1903).

In the existing conditon, your rifle has actually very little value. Having actually it reblued will not ache the value, and it will aid to defend it from additional oxidation.

Bert H.

Bert H.
10 year ago

Bill wrote:

I would certainly be interested in her 1886--i collection Octagon lever activity winchesters--Bill Stratton, sunlight Valley ID


The version 1886 in 33 W.C.F. Was never ever made through an octagon barrel... Why would certainly you it is in interested in this rifle?

Bert H.

Big mikey
8 month ago

that gun steel is trashed

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