Why Glee Season 7 never ever Happened (Was it Canceled?) Fox"s critically-acclaimed musical series Glee came to be a massive hit when it debuted, therefore why wasn"t a potential saturday season didn"t happen?

Here"s why Glee didn"t continue with season 7. The brainchild of frequent collaborators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, as well as Ian Brennan, the present revolved around William McKinley High School"s glee club and also its members. Debuting in 2009 and also running for six years till it ended in 2015, it introduced its main cast members such together Lea Michelle, Diana Agron, Naya Rivera, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer amongst others to mainstream popularity.

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Glee to be an instant hit when it premiered; the movie critics gave it typically positive reviews, but the public instantly got hooked ~ above the series with end 10 million viewers tuning in when it debuted. As well as the plethora of characters — every one presented in a relatable way, not to point out the high school drama that has constantly been a well-known narrative trope, the series" choice of music additionally played a big part in that success. Songs covered in Glee to be released officially. In the end, the show also racked up more than 36 million digital solitary sales coupled v 11 million albums sold roughly the globe.

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Fox ongoing to milk Glee"s success with live concert tours, adhered to by a 3D concert film titled Glee: The3D Concert Movie. Every was going well v the present as it also continued to tempt big-name celebrity guest stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Carol Burnett, Helen Mirren, Jeff Goldblum, Idina Menzel, john Stamos, Neil Patrick Harris, and also Ricky martin to name some. The series ultimately wasn"t able come sustain people"s interest, but that"s not the just reason why Fox wrapped up Glee after six seasons as there space a couple of other determinants that added to the show ending.

After two years of substantial popularity, Glee"s ratings dropped substantially in season 3 — with the series reportedly losing almost a 4 minutes 1 of the viewers. That trend continued for the next couple of years with the show unable to recapture the public"s curiosity after its first pair of seasons. This steady decrease can it is in chalked as much as a few reasons. Firstly, the display started limiting guest star appearances - like Britney Spears" cameo - which had previously enhanced people"s attention in the series as each high profile celebrity was guaranteed a power — something the piqued the attention of casual fans who may not be acquainted with this artists" capacity to bring a track or dance. Secondly, Glee"s original premise additionally backfired.

When the present began, the intention was for the series to emphasis on McKinley High"s glee society — no its members. The collection was an alleged to have a an altering roster together the enlarge students graduate and also move on with college but viewers came to be too invest in its main point cast. While Glee attempted come introduce new members, however the public was still much more interested in their predecessors; this forced them come stretch out their storylines past their high school stints. The sudden death of Cory Monteith, who plays Finn, the school"s quarterback and also glee society member played a part in Glee no pushing forward v season 7. The actor tragically passed after that overdosed through a mix the heroin and also alcohol. After the season 5, illustration 3 tribute episode title "The Quarterback" aired, Murphy revealed the the show"s upcoming year would certainly be that is last.

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Fans who stuck with the show until the very end were understandably sad to check out the display not proceeding past season 6. The said, Glee was quiet lucky few to have the possibility to handmade a fitting send-off to its personalities instead of ending it abruptly v a wire of lingering plot holes. In ~ this point, there are no plans because that a reboot, however with a many old TV series getting revived, that won"t be surprising if the musical series comes back on the air.