Popper is a commonly-used term referring to a certain category of drugs, which is alkyl nitrites.

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Poppers are used to increase the time of sexual pleasure and feel euphoria, high, or rush. Four main alkyl nitrites are used as poppers, including butyl nitrite, isopropyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite, and amyl nitrite.

Poppers are also known as TNT, Rock, Thrust, Hard, Liquid Gold, Amyls, and Ram.

Poppers are not likely to show on drug tests, as alkyl nitrites are not included amongst the substances people are tested for, which usually include opioids (narcotics)and amphetamines.

How do poppers work

Being alkyl nitrites, poppers work through 2 effects, including vasodilation of blood vessels and releasing nitric acid, decreasing blood pressure and relaxing the involuntary muscles.

That"s why poppers are considered for sexual pleasure and feeling rush-head, as they can cause the sphincter muscle of the anus to relax, as well as causing an abrupt dropping in blood pressure.

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How long do poppers stay in your system?

As mentioned above, alkyl nitrites are a group of drugs. Therefore, to know how long poppers can stay in your system, we at first need to know what poppers you administer.

The reason is that each alkyl nitrite has a different half-life. Half-life refers to the period your body takes to get rid of 50% of the administered dose.

For example, amyl nitrites have a half-life of 1 hour, and there is another substance named methemoglobin results from amyl nitrite in the body.

The latter has a half-life of 1 hour, which means that up to 12 hours post-administration, amyl-nitrites-containing peepers are likely to stay in your system.

Furthermore, other factors can significantly affect the duration poppers stay in your system. Those factors differ from a person to another, including:

Your ageYour body massWhether you"re a mild or a chronic user of poppersYour metabolic rate of drugs. That determines the rate of poppers elimination from your system.

How long are poppers detectable?

Generally, up to 72 hours post-administration, poppers are likely detectable in your urine, and within a few hours – up to 1-day poppers are likely detectable in your blood. However, how long poppers exactly are detectable in body parts depends entirely on what type of poppers you administer.

How are poppers stored in the body?

After sniffing, poppers are readily absorbed through the lungs reaching the bloodstream, and so they are distributed to different body parts. Within 1 minute post-absorption of amyl-nitrites-containing poppers, their effects begin.

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Within the half-life of each alkyl nitrite in the poppers you administer, around 60%-65% of the administered dose is metabolized in the liver. In contrast, around 30%-35% is eliminated in the urine.