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18" Jeep Wrangler wheel on a 88 Chevy. I recognize the lug sample is the same, and also I have actually read on GMFS and a couple of other sites the this is feasible and seen pictures however can"t seem to gain a straight answer regarding whether I require a spacer or if i can get the center bored to fit my hub. If any kind of of girlfriend guys understand or have any experience through this, I would appreciate part help. Say thanks to you.


An 88 Chevy WHAT? definitely some the the 1988 fifty percent ton pickups and Astro vans provided the 5x5 bolt circle. Caprices with the HD brakes and suspension (mainly taxi, police, and also 9C1 packages) also used the huge bolt pattern. Unfortunately, simply saying "88 Chevy" doesn"t specifically tell united state what vehicle or van you space talking about.

Really? since in 1988, that was the new body style. The 73-91 square body was the old body style, being produced concurrently.
Really? due to the fact that in 1988, the was the brand-new body style. The 73-91 square body was the old body style, being produced concurrently.

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Yea, i never obtained it either.. It"s been disputed on the forums and the price is always, this terms were produced right when web forums ended up being popular and also the truck forums very first opened. So that lines up v that"73-"87/91( K5 Blazer )= OOBS or old old body style"88-"98= OBS"99-"06= NBS or new Body Style"07-current= NNBS or new New human body Style

Yea, i never acquired it either.. It"s been discussed on the forums and the prize is always, this terms were developed right when web forums became popular and also the van forums first opened. So it lines up with that"73-"87/91( K5 Blazer )= OOBS or old old body style"88-"98= OBS"99-"06= NBS or brand-new Body Style"07-current= NNBS or brand-new New body Style
Except that net truck court existed long before 1999. And also since the truck in concern is a 1988, there were only two human body styles available that year, the OBS (73-91) and also NBS (1988-2001).I"ll also suggest out that your list over doesn"t account for the truth that there to be two different body layout trucks in the 1955 version year, either...
I know.. I"ve argued this as well on the forums. FSC was created around "99- "00 IIRC for this reason that"s whereby the brand-new and old comes in.. I"m just saying this is the "popular" means of relenten truck body styles amongst the GM truck crowd..Most civilization who write-up on the van forums favor GM truck main and FSC, wouldn"t recognize a "55 1st series indigenous a "55 2nd series, or even that such a thing existed.. I understand the distinction tho, however the only reason i was ever before on those forums was since I had questions on my "95 K1500 that ns hadThe listing ~ above body formats goes earlier to "67-"72 which is OOOBS
So perform you guys understand if my 1988 chevy silverado (Name- HotRodSilverado) 5x5 lug sample would need a spacer to placed a collection of 2011 jeep wrangler 5x5 wheel on it. The two photos ns posted previously present 2 chevy silverado"s v jeep wheels installed. As for the rest of the stuff, ns don"t understand why OOBS, OBS, NBS, and also NNBS reference the years they do due to the fact that there are some considerably older body formats than one OBS, and also the point around forums in 1999 and also that very same body layout being referenced to together OBS when it would have still been current makes no sense to me either. I use the slang/swag because it"s there, not due to the fact that I agree v it.

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