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So my TH350 is attract out and rather than spend money come rebuild it i would like to simply put the money in the direction of an overdrive trans. However right now I have actually a soft 350 in the car and also down the roadway would favor to execute an LS conversion. I dont pretend to recognize anything around transmissions however I am wondering if I purchase a rebuilt 4L60E have the right to I use it through my current 350 and down the roadway use it v an LS engine? also do they work-related with any type of overdrive capable shifter?

I think you need to have a spacer / adaptor to make this work-related to a 350/LS combo, I would certainly go come and also ask the question.Steve

The 4L60E will bolt straight up to her 350. :yes: friend will need some method to regulate the tranny though. The OD is electronically controlled, for this reason the "E" in ~ the finish of the 4L60. There space transmission controllers the end there, yet $$$.
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It wasn"t clean to me on your engine plans. If you have actually a 1pc seal 350, GM has an adapter that will let you operation an LSx 4L60E/4L65E tranny through the gen 1 and also gen 2 engine. Then you you obtain your LSx engine, it will bolt appropriate up. As stated above, any kind of of the digital tranys will require a control module. It provides you manage of the change points and also firmness and also other functions. Nice cool!!!

Not for this reason fast!
There are 2 different 4L60E transmissions!One because that Gen1, II, III, IV & one for LS collection engines.GM provides adapters because that both combinations.Part# 12563532 is a crank spacer because that a LS based engine come a Gen1 & II kind 4L60EAlso will certainly require longer bolts.Part# 19154766 is a kit to placed a LS based 4L60E transmission to a Gen1 & II based engine.This kit includes Spacer ring, adapter, bolts, dowels & flex-plate. Gm power parts additionally has a digital Controller because that the infection if needed. Works v all 4L-E based transmissions.Part # 12497316 Note: this component is High priced, might shop roughly for various other vendors. FYIAl
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Excellent details gentlemen. Therefore the infectious diseases world fashion controller looks to be about $1000 i beg your pardon is nice steep however will it save me under the road? together in go the LS computer automatically control the E-series trans hence making the controller ns paid $1000 because that obsolete when I upgrade the engine?And tnblkc230wz friend are specifically right about my plans. I at this time have a Gen i 350/TH350 in the car and I desire to upgrade the trans to the 4L60E now, and down the roadway upgrade the Gen i engine to an LS series.
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