Most of the world who room fond of playing gamings are utilizing consoles prefer Play Station, Xbox and Nintendo Wii. Wii is the console exit by Nintendo and also is currently a tough challenger for other Gaming Consoles like Play station Series, Xbox and others. Most of the civilization are utilizing Wii because Nintendo provides one the the ideal gaming experience. Yet there space some bugs and issues. Among the worry faced by most of the customers is Nintendo Wii Error code 51330. This error occur while connecting her Nintendo Wii come the Internet, whenever someone tries to affix to web to pat the video game online or other various situations.

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Nintendo Wii Error code 51330 can appear on your screen not just since of one specific reason. Below you have the right to find various solutions on how to fix this error and also you have actually to shot them one by one.

Methods to resolve Nintendo Wii Error code 51330

Here are some methods which you need to test one by one. Among these method, one will definitely fix the error. Make certain your Router Firmware is approximately date, if not — update it.

Method 1: inspect if Wi-Fi password is correct

In many of the cases, users have actually typed a dorn password in your Nintendo Wii. Also if girlfriend think the password is correct, friend should examine every letter and also its case (as is known, defense passwords or security codes are instance sensitive). Also a mistake whereby a tiny letter is typed utilizing caps will not it is in acceptable. So try to look because that the best password and form it correctly.

If this an approach doesn’t worked for you, then try the below methods.

Method 2: Reset modem

This will reboot her modem and refresh all the settings. Sometimes this can aid to establish new connections successfully.

Unplug both the modem and router;Wait for a while, and also plug the modem;Wait for a few minutes and also let the modem initialize, then plug the router back;Now try to connect again.

This is sometimes valuable and also it is the easiest and also simplest technique to fix this issue. Likewise if you are unable to deal with this Nintendo Wii error password 51330 making use of above an approach then try the listed below one.

Method 3: examine for a new modification

This is very vital step, you have actually to check for new modification you have done in your Wi-Fi router.

If girlfriend have readjusted your defense from WEP come WPA or WPA2 PSK or evil versa, then please perform the exact same in her Nintendo Wii. Examine if your Wi-Fi router settings is the very same as the settings conserved in her Nintendo Wii.Check for MAC Filtering in her router:If it is enabled, then merely put the System’s MAC address in the permitted list.If you room unable to put the attend to in the enabled list, disable the MAC Filtering.

Method 4 : Disable Firewall protection

I am sure you have heard around the Firewall Protection. This thing creates a wall surface and sometimes prevent girlfriend from using net or rest of the things. So just disable or do an exception in the settings. This will certainly let you Wii for play Online. This will definitely fix this Nintendo Wii Error code 51330 there is no any difficulty else try the below method.

Method 5 : Setup manual IP resolve & DNS

This is very helpful as occasionally Wii is do the efforts to connect using Dynamic IP attend to but couldn’t succeed. So all you must do is to set up or change IP address & DNS manually.

Go come Wii menu -> System SettingsUse the left stick, choose Internet –> press A.Tap ~ above Connect to the Internet.Press X or madness Connections in the height right corner.Tap top top the Internet link you have to use.Tap Change Settings.Tap the arrow on the right and also select IP Address.Tap on Don’t Auto-Obtain and also enter the following information, ensuring you go into the “.” in between:Tap IP Address and also enter her IP address. Remember including 10 to the critical number in the IP address listed in your PC. Lets say, If her PC’s IP resolve displays, you have to enter it right into the Wii as Subnet Mask and also enter it as it appears in your network settings. This is mainly “Gateway” and also enter it as it appears in her network settings.Tap Confirm.An on screen message will certainly ask you to configure the DNS settings. Madness Configure.Tap ~ above Don’t Auto-Obtain and also enter the adhering to information, ensuring you enter the “.” in between:Tap Primary DNS and enter in –> tap OK.Tap Secondary DNS and enter in –> tap OK.Tap Confirm.When finished, tap Save or press the B Button.Tap Save again.Tap Connection Test to test her connection.Tap OK if the connection test was successful.

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Hence you are done if the connection test prospered then this Nintendo Wii Error password 51330 will likewise disappear from your screen.