Also dubbed an antistatic strap, antistatic wrist strap, one antistatic band, or one ESD wrist strap, a wrist strap wraps about your wrist with a conductive cord attached to the computer. The wrist strap keeps the user grounded, i m sorry helps prevent electrostatic damages to a computer system or any kind of other electrostatic-sensitive device. The picture shows a wrist strap through a detachable strap roughly a wrist.

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Why must I stay a wrist strap?

Suppose you"re walk to open a computer situation to attempt a replacement or repair of components inside the computer. In that case, you must use revolution grounding protection to defend the computer, motherboard, and also other hardware. Civilization can transport static electricity to the electronic parts of the computer, perhaps damaging them. Attract an ESD wrist strap grounds the user, avoiding static buildup and protecting the internal parts of the computer.

Some antistatic wristbands have a battery in the wristband to produce a ground. The does not connect to the computer or an antistatic mat, as the battery power gives the same grounding as a wired wrist strap.

How to use a wrist strap

Place her wrist in the strap and also attach the other finish (often using the alligator clip) to a non-painted metal part of the computer system case, antistatic mat, or antistatic workbench. While functioning on the computer or an additional electrostatic-sensitive device, the wrist strap must remain on her wrist.

What to carry out if girlfriend don"t have actually a wrist strap

Although making use of a wrist strap is finest practice, that is no the only method to floor yourself. If girlfriend don"t have a wrist strap, however you must open your desktop computer case to upgrade or fix its components, you deserve to ground yourself by poignant the metal of the chassis. To carry out so, follow these steps.

Make sure the computer system is close up door down and also powered off.On the back of the computer case, whereby the AC power cord connects to her computer"s strength supply, locate the strength supply"s on/off switch. Make sure it is switched turn off (indicated by an open circle, ◯).

The computer system should always be completely powered off, and the strength supply switched turn off in the ago of the computer before the AC strength cord is disconnected.

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Unplug the AC strength cord at the wall surface outlet or strength strip.Then, disconnect the AC strength cord from the strength supply on the ago of the computer.Disconnect all various other cords and also cables indigenous the computer, such as audio and video clip cables, wired keyboard and also mouse, etc.Position the computer case on a clean desk, table, or workbench near a grounding power outlet with a 3-prong receptacle (three feet in the outlet). If possible, job-related in an area whereby the floor has actually no rugs or carpet due to the fact that they have the right to generate static electrical energy when friend walk on them.Open the case. (Every situation is different. Describe your owner"s hands-on for details instructions on exactly how to open the case.)Before touching any type of internal materials of her computer, connect the AC strength cord come the strength supply in back of the computer. Then, plug the cord right into the 3-prong outlet. Do no switch the strength supply ON. Leave the power supply switched OFF.Now, you deserve to ground you yourself by poignant the non-painted steel of your computer system case. Any kind of electrostatic charge is moved to ground v the strength cable, to the grounding outlet. No electrical power is flowing into the computer, but static is safe discharged to ground.As you occupational inside her computer, every time you should touch a component, touch the metal chassis first. Friend only should touch it for a minute to discharge any static electricity.When you room done working in the computer, near the case.Before powering on the computer, reconnect every cables and the power cord, and also plug the strength cord right into a 3-prong ground connection outlet.