You most likely spent some time as a teenager analysis John Steinbeck’s novella Of Mice and Men. Even if girlfriend know about Lennie and also George’s heartbreaking search of life, liberty, and a hutch full of rabbits, there space a couple of things you might have missed about the top story throughout English class. 


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Although he to be a Stanford college graduate and also had released five publications by the time he wrote Of Mice and also Men, Steinbeck had much more in typical with his itinerant main personalities than readers can have expected. “I to be a bindle-stiff myself for quite a spell,” the author told The brand-new York Times in 1937, employing the now archaic nickname for migrant workers. “I worked in the same nation that the story is set in.” with Of Mice and also Men, Steinbeck wanted to tell the story the a community largely unheralded in literature and high culture. 

2. LENNIE WAS based upon A real PERSON.

In the same New York Times article, Steinbeck recalled a other laborer on whom Lennie Small’s arc to be based: “Lennie was a genuine person. He"s in an insane asylum in California ideal now. I operated alongside the for numerous weeks. The didn"t kill a girl. He eliminated a ranch foreman. Got sore due to the fact that the boss had fired his pal and stuck a pitchfork right through his stomach. I dislike to tell you how numerous times. I witnessed him perform it. Us couldn"t prevent him until it was as well late.” 

3. OF MICE and MEN WAS may be THE an initial “PLAY-NOVELETTE.” 

The phase intrigued Steinbeck as much as prose did, and the publication shares similarities v both media. Favor a theatrical piece, Of Mice and Men manifests in 3 acts. That is narration bear the character of phase direction, and also its dialogue has actually the feeling of something one could hear in a play. 

4. STEINBECK himself WON A new YORK DRAMA CRITICS’ one AWARD because that THE phase PRODUCTION. 

Around eight month after its early publication, Of Mice and also Men made its means to the stage, opened in new York in November that 1937. The adhering to year, Steinbeck embraced the brand-new York Drama Critics’ Circle’s finest Play Award for the production. 

5. THE original TITLE to be MUCH an ext MATTER-OF-FACT. 

Before he opted to do his location an homage to Scottish poet Robert Burns’ 1785 city “To a Mouse, on turning Her increase in Her nest with the Plough,” Steinbeck taken into consideration a far much more deliberate option: Something the Happened.

6. THE TITULAR city IS not QUITE how MOST human being REMEMBER IT.

Ask any kind of American leader to identify the heat of city that influenced Steinbeck’s title, and you’ll an ext than likely hear, “The ideal laid to plan of mice and also men regularly go awry.” In fact, this is merely the English-language paraphrasing the the original Scottish poem, which reads, “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ males gang aft agley.” 


Perhaps none as well pleased through the can be fried fate of the canines featured in Of Mice and also Men, Steinbeck’s dog, Toby, devoured very early draft the the story, i beg your pardon the author had created longhand on notepaper. 

8. THE NOVELLA was AN EARLY choice FOR THE publication OF THE MONTH CLUB. 

In operation for 88 years between 1926 and also 2014, the publication of the Month club was the premiere mail order book service operating in the united States. Prior to it was even officially published, Of Mice and also Men was favored for distribution by the organization. 

9. OF MICE and also MEN IS among THE MOST frequently READ publications IN AMERICAN SCHOOLS. 

In the 1990s, the facility for the Learning and Teaching of Literature put Steinbeck’s novella among the 10 most frequently taught publications in windy schools, Catholic schools, and independent high schools. 

10. The SAID, it IS likewise ONE that THE MOST challenged BOOKS. 

Of Mice and also Men proves that v such prevalence comes backlash. The novella ranked as the fifth most frequently tested piece of literary works on the American Library Association’s list of 100 many Banned or challenged Books in between 2000 and also 2009. 

11. THE book HAS been OPPOSED because that SOME peculiar REASONS. 

By and also large, the warm taken by Of Mice and also Men has singled out the story’s strong language, sexual scenarios, and violence. But one organization in Chattanooga, Tenn. To be a little more creative, taking problem with the “anti-business attitude” it saw in Steinbeck’s text. The establishment additionally raised the issue that Steinbeck “was an extremely questionable regarding his patriotism.” 

12. OF MICE and MEN played A big ROLE on LOONEY TUNES. 

Following the relax of the 1939 movie adaptation that the book, the Lennie personality earned parody and homage alike in popular music culture, many notably in Warner Bros.’ Looney Tunes shorts. Lennie took type across the cartoon canon as a hound dog (“Of Fox and also Hounds” in 1940 and also “Lonesome Lenny” in 1946), an oversized cat (“Hoppy go Lucky” in 1952 and also “Cat-Tails for Two” in 1953), and also a tremendous yeti (“The Abominable eye Rabbit” in 1961 and also “Spaced the end Bunny” in 1980), among other incarnations.

13. THE residence WHERE STEINBECK wrote THE book IS now A LANDMARK. 

If you interested in taking a gander at where the an excellent American writer wrote about Lennie and also George, take it a expedition to Monte Sereno, Calif. In between 1936 and 1938, Steinbeck and also his wife Carol live at 16250 Greenwood Lane. The house, a 1989 enhancement to the national Register of historical Places, should not be puzzled with Steinbeck’s likewise recognized childhood residence in surrounding Salinas, Calif. When in Monte Sereno, Steinbeck wrote both Of Mice and also Men and also The Grapes that Wrath

14. THE SAME neighborhood LATER inspired OTHER 20TH CENTURY ARTISTS. 

Monte Sereno, as it in fact ended up being known some time ~ Steinbeck’s departure from the city, was additionally the home of beat Generation writer Neal Cassady and artist cutting board Kinkade. 

15. An ACTIVIST group HAS adopted OF MICE and MEN AS component OF that CURRICULUM.

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The London-based Anti-Bullying Alliance maintains a list of 10 publications aimed at educating young people about the difficulty of bullying and also potential techniques for deterrence. Of Mice and Men retains a ar on this list among novels favor To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and nonfiction books including My Story by Rosa Parks.