Last week ns explored the interesting capability of betta fish to breathe surface ar air v a devoted set of labyrinth organs. Desire to know why and how they perform this? friend can examine out the complete article around that by clicking here.

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This week’s post is around a connected issue:

Betta fish blow bubbles.

If you view a swarm of bubbles near the surface of the water in your fish’s tank, that is most likely a bubble nest. Those a bubble nest? the literally a bunch the bubbles the male bettas affix together to keep eggs in.

Keep reading for an ext info about bubble nests and also betta behavior…

Good news: bubbles equal a happy betta

Most pets don’t exhibit mating habits if they are stressed or in negative health, and also bettas space no exception. Therefore if you watch bubble nest construction from her male betta, climate you recognize you’re providing a healthy, stress-free environment.

But mine betta doesn’t have actually a mate

Male betta fish build nests, in part, to lure females with their nest structure abilities and to present they are all set to be a father. In the appropriate environment, lock will carry out this instinctual habits whether a potential girlfriend is nearby or not.


Think around it this way—in the wild, a male has to have a swarm ready for potential females in his territory. He’s no going come wait approximately to start building. The frequency in ~ which nests are created is individual. That may happen as frequently as once a job (though those nests are likely small), or it might happen weekly, monthly, or seldom.

Why balloon nests?

Because wild bettas often tend to live in shallow waters with tiny oxygen, the bubbles administer oxygen-rich air for the eggs and hatchlings. So it doubles together protection and also a healthy atmosphere for hatchlings when they can not safely do it to more oxygen-rich areas or the surface.


They do the balloon by gulping air in ~ the surface and then punch saliva bubbles. This are frequently placed underneath leaves or other floating debris for security from predators at the surface, choose insects that could eat the eggs.

How to encourage bubble swarm building

If you notice that her male betta doesn’t develop bubble nests, it doesn’t necessarily typical anything is wrong v your fish. It could not be emphasize or unhealthy.

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But there space a few things you have the right to do to make it much more likely the the fish will set to bubble blowing at the tank’s surface:

Keep the filter flow at a gentle setup so there’s not a current that would certainly blow the balloon away. Remember, bettas’ native habitat is often stagnant waters.Put floating décor in the tank. This gives the appearance of a for sure camouflage because that a nest to be developed under.Keep tank temperature in between 78 and also 82 levels Fahrenheit.Keep the water clean with water changes.Provide plants and hides to save the tank stress-free.Introduce an additional betta fish come the atmosphere (safely). This can be a woman or a male. Either might increase the advice to construct a nest.

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