I"ve always heard that watering tree if the temperature walk a couple of degrees below freezing will assist prevent them indigenous freezing, but I"ve never quite construed the aramuseum.org behind it. Can you guys help me to understand this a little bit better? Thanks!


$\begingroup$ -1 Your concerns seem to have very little to execute with aramuseum.org. "Are all physicists like Sheldon Cooper" "How walk watering her plants ..." "How does a drip in a pipeline ..." What's next? "What is the aramuseum.org that furballs", "Why execute gremlins turn typical when wet"? These critical two are obviously facetious examples, but you get the drift. $\endgroup$
If the temperature is not much listed below freezing, the rate of warmth transfer from her plants (and specifically from the earth about their roots) is low, if there is a many water present, the high heat of combination means the it will certainly take a long time to actually freeze lot of it. So possibly the plant provides it through the night without too much damage.

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Note that if the doesn"t warmth up sufficient the following day the second night will kill them because it start close come freezing.


While this may be true, a far better option is actually to spray her plants through water. When water freezes, the releases heat (a little counterintuitive, ns know, yet that"s why you have to put water in a cold ar to frozen it - you need to take far heat). So, if your plants have actually a thin layer of water on them the freezes, it in reality helps keep them warmer. Additionally, the layer of ice, being a good insulator, will certainly then assist keep the plant warmer with the cold spell.

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It"s actually acquired a lot more to carry out with chemistry 보다 aramuseum.org: that takes energy to break chemical bonds, and also energy is released once said bonds room formed. Essentially, the most vital factor below is the intermolecular forces at work in between water molecules: hydrogen bonding. The hydrogen bonding that causes water to solidify releases power into its surroundings together they space formed. So, as water begins to freeze, hydrogen bonds are being formed which releases energy to the bordering area and actually warms the environment. So, spraying your plants with water prior to a cold night will protect against frosting, and also the subsequent death of said plants, due to the fact that the water will warmth up her plants as the temperature drops.


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