My Chem laboratory professor claimed that we need to wait for points to cool come room temperature therefore we can get precise measurement. I don't understand why.

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There's two reasons why you need to wait for a continuous temperature to sweet something: one is that warm air is less dense than cold air, and can produce a buoyancy that often tends to background the object up and reduce that weight. Also, if you are heating miscellaneous to dried it out, water molecules will be released from the sample, changing the weight. You want to warmth something sufficient to eliminate the water, and then wait because that it come cool come room temperature to weigh.

In addition, I would assume that there's the underlying engine of to teach repeatability and also protocol. If you weigh something when it's cooling down, you don't know what the temperature is. If the temperature does finish up affecting the data, girlfriend won't be able to account because that it. If girlfriend let it cool come room temperature each time, then it's more consistent and leaves much less room because that variation.

You have to weigh them at a recommendation temperature so that you have the right to also obtain their volume in ~ the exact same temperature, and also thus identify their density at the temperature.

They sweet the same amount, he's wrong.

Changing the temperature of other only changes the load if the adds points from or looses points to the atmosphere, zb a hot glass weighs slightly much less than a cold glass due to the fact that there is a slim film that water on every glass surface at room temperature.

what is much more likely is the the scales room not meant to handle warm things and the temperature will certainly upset the system it offers to determine the load (eg if it uses a spring the spring will certainly soften once heated)

while i think the over explanations also have an excellent elements to them, i think your last element is more than likely the an essential to this.

The lab equipment can warp and become damaged as soon as exposed come high temperatures. This tools needs to it is in sensitive enough to accurately measure up things like weight, and also so is somewhat delicate.

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In addition, a warm object will always weigh much more than a cold object, even if the 2 objects room otherwise similar in every way, although the distinction is exceptionally small, and far past your capacity to measure.


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