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I simply wanted to see if anybody else has seen this with their cats... Stitch (in the photo below) has a fascination for steel objects. Swipes coins turn off tables... No large deal, we simply make jokes the he needs money. The weird thing simply started newly when I captured him in reality trying to chew on my brand-new metal dining room table chair. I additionally witnessed that chewing on my metal framed folding chair (used as a cheap office chair). Simply wanted to see what feedback anybody had actually for me... Associated stories... Or possible issues he may have (i number its most likely an strange fettish).

0_oMy apologies, i don"t median to scare you, yet my suffer with metal-attracted cats isn"t a great one. One of our cats would certainly lick the bottom of the old farm Sink in our kitchen that had actually rust on it. A vet visit revealed she was terribly anemic and also she eventually required a blood transfusion. Other worries arose and we ended up shedding her, however if her cat is just "playing" and also enjoying the steel taste/feel, ns don"t think I"d problem too much. But if he appears "intent" and "focused" top top tasting/licking the steel I"d opt for a vet visit and also blood check to determine if the is anemic. Friend may have the ability to look in his mouth and also see if his gums room pink or pale.
he just seems to really gain playing around and also biting (I"ve never seen him licking steel objects). The various other day i wasn"t thinking and collection a tiny glass of soldier (laundry.. Goodie) top top the upper deck of the cat tree and also he began trying to obtain the soldier out through his paw. It simply seems to be an odd tiny quirk the his. Maybe he simply in a method takes after my fiance a little (he"s a mechanic.. Many metal objects associated there)

Usually Paizly"s obsession is v licking plastic grocery bags. However if a paper clip drops off mine desk, she goes for that.The first time i realized she was acquiring into clips, i hadn"t realized I had actually some ~ above the floor. Once I experienced her walking far from a couple, ns panicked and also thought probably she"d eaten one. Rushed her to the vet because that X-rays, but luckily (for her, no my checkbook!) every little thing was clear.

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