Many times when I see pictures of Hatsune Miku, she is presented holding a leek or feather onion.

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Apart indigenous headphones and also microphones, various other popular and also well well-known Vocaloids, such together Rin, Len, Kaito and Luca, don"t seem come have any type of strange items prefer vegetables.

So why is Miku shown with a leek? and also if there aren"t any other Vocaloids with strange items, why is she the just one?



Hatsune Miku holding a leek originates from a parody video of the Leekspin meme. The Leekspin image is a video of Orihime indigenous Bleach spinning a leek in among the episodes v the Finnish individual song Ievan Polkka playing in the background.

On another note, the vegetable she is holding is actually a "negi" or green onion. However, the English dub for Bleach referred to as it a leek.



apart from headphones and also microphones, other popular and well well-known Vocaloids, such as Rin, Len, Kaito and Luca, don"t seem to have any strange items prefer vegetables.

Actually, numerous vocaloid (and other voice software) have actually items linked with them


GUMI (a Megloid) has actually a carrot for her item

Teto Kasane (an UTAUloid) has actually bread

Luka is often associated with fish, or due to the fact that of she hair, octopuses.

There space more provided here

Most of this originated native fans rather than the initial creators, and are not official - also though over there is a casual accept of the character items. For example Leek shame glowsticks are occasionally offered out in ~ Miku concerts. Character items generally feature in artists videos also

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The factor Miku usually has actually a leek with her most of the time when you check out her, is because since she is a vocaloid, someone (I guess) wanted to do her song Ievan Polkka, a Finnish song, and that"s what gained her renowned at first.


And as one of the answers currently stated this, these vegetable pairings with Vocaloids came from the pan themselves, so it"s not specifically official.

Actually, plenty of Vocaloids (even UTAUs) have been connected with vegetables. Right here are part examples:

Megurine Luka - Fish or TunaKagamine Rin - Orange(s)Kagamine Len - Banana(s)KAITO - ice cream creamMEIKO - benefits (A classic Japanese alcohol)

GUMI - Carrot(s)Camui/Kamui Gakupo - Eggplant


Kasane Teto - (French) Bread or a Baguette Namine Ritsu - coco Crisps

So Luka is paired with fish due to the fact that she has actually a chibi head character who has hair like an octopus.

Rin has actually an orange for she fruit due to the fact that her neckerchief resembles an orange peel.

Len was paired with a banana mostly due to the fact that of his hair color and that item of his hair difficult upwards each other a banana, simply a bit.

KAITO with ice cream since fans an alert the scarf that wears and also in his brand-new V3 update, boots. World thought he appeared to stay winter-special clothes and also since his hair is blue it quickly resembles snow/ice and also relating things, they decided his food to be going come be ice cream.

MEIKO v sake due to the fact that she appeared to look older and also mature so i guess they thought it"d be fun if castle made she drunk (?) Not quite sure around this one.

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GUMI with carrots because of her shade scheme mostly, due to the fact that she has green hair and also orange official clothes so that reminds human being of carrots.

Gakupo v Eggplant because he has purple hair and a stronger/deeper voice so i think the reminded lock of one eggplant

Now, the UTAUs to be officially paired with random foods because they to be sorta an alleged to be a parody April fool"s joke. (?)