For some, Memorial day kicks turn off the season to officially undertake white clothes and also shoes.

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If you’re a human who defies traditional fashion rules and Hollywood actress LisaRaye McCoy, put on white is a year-round thing.

When editor Jawn Murray interviewed LisaRaye back in 2010, she said that her affinity for white wasn’t other contrived, yet instead a ide she stumbled upon.

“It’s not a an approach to the madness. It’s not since it’s religion. It’s because one work on the weekend ns went out of town and realized I had actually all white outfits and also they looked for this reason crisp and also clean. Ns said deserve to I do this for a week, a month, a year? It’s been eight or ripe years now. I feel favor an angel,” the actress claimed then.


LisaRaye McCoy

But now, six years later, the Chicago indigenous recently had actually a higher revelation around her singular shade code while talking through ABC Radio Networks entertain Producer Karu F. Daniels.

“I had a revelation,” she told Daniels, together tears streamed down her face. “It to be like, oh, i remember, when my dad passed, my mommy was very adamant wearing a black outfit and also she was very adamant around me going through her to pick this black color outfit and also I didn’t want to. Ns think ns had totally shut down at that time anyway. And also I was like, ‘I wonder if the has every little thing to do with why i went totally to the right and I undertake nothing but white now."”

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LisaRaye’s father, the so late David beam McCoy, was a influential Chicago millionaire. One entrepreneur who owned number of hotels and also nightclubs, he to be murdered by his girlfriend and her brother, who shot David beam in the back seat of his Cadillac ~ above November 12, 1988.


LisaRaye McCoy

Now, the former first Lady that Turks & Caicos—she to be married Michael Misick, the first Premier the the Turks and also Caicos Islands—said there space days when she thinks around adding other colors to her wardrobe.

“Sometime I could say, “I really want to come out of white because what’s the problem, prefer what is it?’ and I need to think ‘Why is it that you’re saying you want to come out of white? Is it because you hear somebody say ‘How lengthy are you going to wear white’ or ‘It’s boring girl’ and also then I need to say ‘Yeah, that’s what friend think’. So ns have obtained into a habit of purchase one or two pieces a year where I think I’m going come wear this color and it’s tho in mine closet,” she shared.

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The 48-year-old actress, who previously starred on VH1’s “Single Ladies” and the UPN sitcom “All of Us,” have the right to be seen next playing famed music executive, management Sylvia Rhone in the biopic the R&B star Miki Howard. The movie, “Love Under new Management – The Miki Howard Story” premieres ~ above TV One top top June 12.

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