Frodo left on the watercraft to leave Middle planet for Eressëa. Frodo, transparent the course of The lord of the Rings, ill greatly, and also returns from his search deeply traumatized. Thus, he is never able come reintegrate into life in the Shire. At the finish of the book, he departs come the paradise across the sea to cure that mental damage.

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It is one of the main conceits the Tolkien"s larger legendarium the these occasions exist in a time that transition. The elves, who had actually long remained in a state that decline, were leaving middle Earth, taking ships back to a paradise across the sea. The Ring-bearers (Bilbo, Frodo, and also Sam)...

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It is one of the main conceits of Tolkien"s bigger legendarium that these occasions exist in a time that transition. The elves, who had actually long been in a state that decline, to be leaving center Earth, acquisition ships earlier to a paradise throughout the sea. The Ring-bearers (Bilbo, Frodo, and Sam) are allowed to take the journey themselves. Together The lord of the Rings ends, Frodo and also Bilbo take the last journey, while Sam will depart later, lengthy after the occasions of the book.

Ultimately, you must remember that Frodo returns from his quest to damage the ring severely traumatized. We view a physical manifestation the his trauma in his recurrent illness yet even more severe 보다 his physics suffering space the emotional and psychological scars the bears. Tolkien self attests come the load of Frodo"s suffering in one of his letters, writing (on the subject of Frodo"s failure as a hero):

His actual contract was only to carry out what the could, to uncover a way, and to go as far on the road as his strength of mind and also body allowed. He did that. I carry out not myself watch that the break of his mind and also will under demonic push after torment was any an ext a moral failure 보다 the breaking of his human body would have been - say, by gift strangled by Gollum, or crushed by a fallout’s rock. (Tolkien, letter 246 to Mrs. Eileen Elgar, September, 1963, indigenous The Letter the J. R. R. Tolkien, ed. Humphrey Carpenter with Christopher Tolkien: houghton Mifflin Co., new York: initially published: 1995, republished paperback addition, 2000)

These are solid sentiments, which space well reflected in the melancholy tone that becomes particularly strong within the last part of the book. One deserve to see this feeling of melancholy present when the Hobbits return to the Shire, just to discover that the residence they had actually spent so long trying come safeguard and also protect had in the meantime to be transformed into something unrecognizable. As Tolkien writes:

This was Frodo and Sam"s own country, and also they found out now that castle cared around it much more than any kind of other ar in the world. Countless of the dwellings that they had known were missing. Some appeared to have been melted down. The pleasant row of old hobbit-holes in the bank on the north next of the swimming pool were deserted, and also their tiny gardens that provided to run down bright to the water"s edge were rank v weeds. Worse, there was a totality line of ugly brand-new houses all along pool Side, wherein the Hobbiton road ran close come the bank. An way of trees had actually stood there. Castle were every gone. And also looking v dismay up the roadway towards Bag finish they witnessed a tall chimney that brick in the distance. The was pouring out black color smoke into the night air. (Lord the the Rings, book 6, chapter 8: "The Scouring of the Shire")

Of course, in ~ this point, the Hobbits get involved in a rebellion, restoring the Shire to lot of its earlier beauty and also tranquility. However, if this physical damage can be repaired, Frodo"s alienation and also emotional trauma is lot more complicated to counteract. While Sam is able come reintegrate, do a life for self in the Shire, marrying and building a family, Frodo cannot. Together he tells Sam:

But I have been as well deeply hurt, Sam. I tried to save the Shire, and also it has actually been saved, however not for me. The must regularly be so, Sam, once things space in danger: part one has to provide them up, shed them, so the others might keep them. But you are my heir: every that i had and also might have had actually I leaving to you. (Lord that the Rings, book 6, thing 9: "The Grey Havens")

Thus, Tolkien self answers your inquiry in that very same letter cited earlier (letter # 246) to Eileen Elgar, indigenous September 1963. Frodo, damaged and also traumatized, departs from center Earth an initial and foremost trying to find solace and healing. In the professor"s own words:

Frodo was sent or enabled to happen over Sea to cure him—if that can be done, before he died. He would certainly have ultimately to "pass away": no mortal could, or can, abide for ever on earth, or within Time. Therefore he go both come a purgatory and to a reward, for a while: a period of reflection and peace and also a getting of a truer understanding of his place in littleness and also in greatness, spent still over time amid the organic beauty the "Arda Unmarred," the earth unspoiled through evil. (The letter of J. R. R. Tolkien)