If you carry out it wrong, you will certainly shoot poorly and also probably miss out on the cue round a few times.

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This write-up provides review of billiards chalk, consisting of why you need it and how to use it (and not to usage it).

What is the purpose of placing chalk top top a pool cue tip?

It’s noticeable that you need to do it. Yet why?

The main reason to chalk a pool cue is come increase friction between the reminder of the cue and the refined surface the the cue ball.

There is no flat surface on a cue ball. And your cue tip, whether made of out leather or rubber, is an extremely firm and will no conform come the round surface when making contact.

Without the added friction, her cue guideline will slip appropriate off the spherical surface of the cue ball, bring about a miscue and subsequent embarrassment.

So, preventing embarrassing miscues is the most an easy reason.

But over there are also some certain reasons to maintain an sufficient level that chalk on the pool tip.

Using the best amount of chalk renders it simpler to:

Put earlier spin top top the ball for attract shots by hitting below center ~ above the cue ball;Put forward spin because that follow shots by hitting over center ~ above the cue ball;Strike the cue ball to the left or best of facility to include English because that either attract or monitor shots.

Also, you’ll need an also layer the chalk whenever you want to execute a an effective shot. This has the break.


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How to properly chalk a swimming pool cue

There is a right method and a wrong method to chalk a pool stick. First, this is what not to do.

The wrong means to chalk your swimming pool cue

Do no grind your swimming pool cue right into the facility of the chalk. You view players act this every the time. Lock think turning their cue into the chalk harder and faster will yield better results.

But this just cakes the chalk on specific parts that the cue tip and leaves bare spots.

Another mistake players make is jamming the chalk under on the cue and also turning. Again, this create an uneven layer of chalk.

Some players also just carelessly take it a couple strikes at the reminder with the chalk, causing a slim spotty coating of chalk.

None of these approaches will spread out the chalk evenly. So, here’s what you must do.

The right method to chalk a swimming pool cue

Brush the cue guideline with numerous light but steady strokes.

Make sure to spread out a repetitively thin coating the chalk on the entire top of the tip. Usage the edges and interior that the swimming pool chalk to spread out it evenly.

Important: use chalk before each shot.

Not simply at the start of the game or after numerous shots.

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Here’s a great demonstration of how to chalk a swimming pool stick.

The origins of Billiard Chalk

Billiard chalk was created by wilhelm A. Spinks in 1897. The patent because that his invention was filed in 1896, and described this new formulation as:

“A substitute because that billiard-chalk written of norm allied white pulverized silica, a binding agent and also a color agent, compacted right into blocks or cakes, considerably as described.”

Here’s the patent: https://patents.google.com/patent/US578514.

The idea to be to find something that was far better than really chalk and also would actually adhere come the swimming pool tip and impart friction nature on the surface of the cue ball.

Pool Chalk Today

Today pool chalk is quiet made from a similar cocktail of compounds, including silica, abrasives and also thickening ingredients, and also specialty dyes.

These chalks are available in a range of colors. The most usual are blue or green, but you can additionally find red, gold, gray, purple and more.

Depending on the brand and also performance goals, other additives are provided to increase the coating durability and also smoothness when retaining moisture.

Is there a “Best swimming pool Chalk”?

There might not it is in a clear winner as soon as it pertains to finding the ideal pool chalk. The performance of various chalks, which typically comes under to durability, differs based upon the playing conditions and environment.

If you’re trying to figure out i m sorry chalk is best, a standard test is come take numerous chalks, use a continual level the coating of every chalk to different cues, and also see how countless strikes you have the right to take prior to needing to reapply the chalk.

In one test, the clear winner to be Russian Magic Chalk in ~ 29 strikes. Well above the mean of 8 or 9.

A few of the Best options for swimming pool Chalk

There are too plenty of variables affiliated to do a clear decision on the finest pool chalk, though. It typically comes under to personal preference.

But there room some reputable brands the end there.

A couple of of our favorite swimming pool chalk brands include:

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Applying chalk to a swimming pool cue is an often overlooked and also underappreciated part of play pool.

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But the is important and necessary. Without chalk, the contact point between your pool stick and the cue sphere would lack friction.