I agree with you that it does it seems ~ redundant. However, this is typical with various other kinds of fish as well. Many world say \"codfish\" instead of \"cod\". Here is a recipe for \"trout fish\" croquets.

This convention has important definition to a huge number of fish names: catfish, lionfish, swordfish, sunfish, cowfish, etc.

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Also, it provides extra clarification because that someone who wouldn\"t understand what a \"tuna\" or a \"cod\" is otherwise. Anyone discovering aramuseum.org together a 2nd language will certainly probably find out the meaning of \"fish\" beforehand on, however may not know the more specific names.

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Tuna or cod is not always fish, simply as cheddar is not always cheese.

In both cases, the distinguishes the primary item from items simply flavored v the item.

Tuna fish is nearly always the meat the the Tuna. Rarely is the the fish itself lively and/or whole; because that those uses, \"tuna\" is used without \"fish.\" Tuna salad is a mixture that tuna and mayonaise, and also often some diced pickles and/or onions. Tuna sandwiches are sandwiches using tuna, and can be grilled or tuna salad. Tuna crackers room tuna flavored crackers. Tuna alone additionally can it is in a crude oil aphorism because that female genitalia.

Cheddar is both the cheese, and the city whereby the recipe originates. Several cheeses are an in similar way named because that their location of origin, many notably swiss, münster, and also berkswell. However cheddar crackers space not make of cheddar, nor do they originate in cheddar, however are flavored v cheddar cheese. Cheddar spread is greatly cheddar cheese,

Cod can be the fish, or the meat that the fish; a cod dinner is seldom just codfish, but usually additionally chips (fries) and/or hushpuppies (corn fritters). The USS cod is a submarine. Cod is also very common acronym, most commonly for \"Cash on Delivery.\" Codpiece is a masculine pubic covering; cod at one allude was slang because that the scrotum, so codfish was a method of ensuring one was talking around fish and also not men\"s genitals.

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Speaking the corn fritters, I\"ve never met a fritter that wasn\"t made v cornmeal; I\"m TOLD castle exist... Likewise, many have likewise wheat flour and also whole kernel corn. It\"s one more case the a term the at first appears to be redundant, however really isn\"t.