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number 1. Anoles room alert lizards for great reason: they room preyed ~ above by cats, birds and snakes.

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figure 2. Masculine anoles have actually a pink colored neck fan (called a dewlap), i m sorry is provided in both territorial and also courtship displays. Anoles thrive to 5-7 inches in length.
figure 3. Anoles are regularly seen sunbathing, especially on cool days throughout early spring and also late loss and also during mild winter days.
figure 4. Anoles are often called chameleons because they can adjust color from eco-friendly to brown and also vice versa, which have the right to be prompted by temperature, background shade or �mood.�
Quick truth

typical Name:

eco-friendly anole lizard

Genus / Species:

Anolis carolinensis

Size: Adults grow to 5-7 inches in length

type of Beneficial:

Insect predator


breeding occurs March v November in the Galveston-Houston region. Adult females lay egg throughout the spring and summer months. Eggs room laid one at a time and buried in moist soil, rotten stumps or logs, or forest floor litter.


primary prey room insects. Additionally preys ~ above other varieties of invertebrates such together spiders.


Widespread throughout the county

extr Notes: Color transforms from eco-friendly to brown (and vice versa) deserve to be motivated by temperature (including time of year), background color or "mood"

The master Gardeners learn early on in your training to be all set to receive several rather intriguing concerns over the understand Gardener warm Line. One concern that is always asked throughout spring and also summer periods is �We have actually noticed number of green-colored lizards top top the tree in our yard that look like the animated gecko in TV commercials. Room they harmful?�

TV commercials might be informative in regards to marketing claims however stay v The exploration Channel, PBS and also the Galveston County expansion Office because that the educational facts of nature!

Lizards consist of one the the most diverse and also successful groups of modern reptiles. The green lizard that Texas Gulf shore gardeners generally observe in their yards is dubbed several names consisting of garden lizards, the changeable lizards and also changeable anoles. Plenty of gardeners have likewise been referring to this lizard as a gecko even prior to the arrival of memorable advertising on television. However, true geckos room a patent different kind of lizard.

Anoles room often called chameleons due to the fact that they can change color from eco-friendly to brown and vice versa. The color changes are led to by hormones and can be prompted by temperature, background color or �mood.� A hormone referred to as intermedin secreted through the pituitary gland is responsible for these changes. Environment-friendly anoles often tend to remain environment-friendly when temperature are more than 70 degrees F., conversely, they have tendency to stay brown during cool weather conditions.

also though it�s known by numerous common names, the more �acceptable� typical names are �anole� or �green anole.� Biologists constantly refer come this lizard by its clinical name: Anolis carolinensis.

Anoles room adept in ~ climbing trees, shrubs, fences and walls. Since they are energetic during daytime, they are conveniently observed together they go around their tasks in the garden, park or even in ours homes. Anoles are generally seen basking in the sunlight or searching insects around Gulf shore homes.

There�s no need to worry around this lizard as it is no harmful to people or her pets. In fact, if you�ve seen these lizards in your yard or home, it most likely way you�re not making use of pesticides that might harm it. In fact, this lizards are beneficial, as they carry out feed ~ above a wide selection of small insects such as crickets, cockroaches, moths, grubs, beetles, flies and grasshoppers. They perform not chew your food yet swallow the whole.

Anoles thrive to 5-7 inch in length. They lay your tiny white egg one in ~ a time in moist locations (e.g., moist soil, rotten stumps or logs, or woodland floor litter). Eggs typically require an incubation duration of six-weeks (depending top top temperatures) and egg hatching happen from late feather to fall.

when captive anoles deserve to live as much as 7 years, males in the wild seem to live no much more than a pair of years. Birds room a significant enemy and often anoles will be viewed with lacking tails and body wounds, consisting of holes in your sides. One habit that provides for lost tails seems may be the way anoles will perch upside-down when hunting. Your tail sticks out in the air and also often flips back and forth like a cat. No doubt this is basic mark because that a bird in the vicinity. The anoles can re-grow your tail, but the new tail component lacks bones, often has a deformed look, and also usually is a consistent grayish brown color.

when male anoles space feeling particularly aggressive, they �threaten� through opening and also closing their large, red dewlap in ~ will. This colorful display is frequently reserved because that defending territory against other masculine anoles or do the efforts to lure females. Back anoles attempt to stay surprise most that the time, both from your prey and also their predators, the males definitely take a most chances.

This gesture, by masculine anoles, is often accompanied by the lizard�s antics the bobbing up and also down�sort of choose doing push-ups. The lizard is only trying come look tough�it�s harmless and also actually have the right to be quite fun to watch, particularly when you know how valuable it is, dining ~ above a selection of insects from her garden.


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