The Water Park OGS the MP!

If there’s one thing we know around the water park industry – it’s chop knit! 

“I LOVE reminiscing about the beforehand days I worked at the water park,” says Denise Beckson, currently Executive Vice chairman of human being Resources because that Morey’s Piers. “I’m tho friends with folks who worked there in the 80s and 90s.” 

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Denise safety the task Pool Over labor Day Weekend.

Denise acknowledges that this summer has actually presented numerous obstacles for Morey’s Piers and says the company hasn’t challenged staffing shortages this major in a lengthy time. “It is constantly a difficulty to to fill close come 1500 work each season,” she says. “And also with substantially increasing our local and local hiring efforts this summer, us still fell very short.”

This year had us questioning, “How the heck are we going to make it to labor Day v such substantial staffing shortages?” It’s difficult enough in good year, yet alone in a COVID year. Yet when the going it s okay tough, the difficult get going!

Denise started at Raging Waters in respectable of 1985 when the park an initial opened (for a whopping two weeks) and would continue working there for thirty-three more seasons!

 “I never ever felt favor going to the water park was job-related - that was constantly fun,” Denise says. And also that particularly held true last week once she hung up her polo to don a tank top with words GUARD on it. 

Denise was just one the the plenty of OGs that came crawling – ok, much more like running – out of the woodwork to assist staff the water park with Labor work Weekend. Joining her was the legendary (well at the very least to us) Richard “RAC” Carroll. RAC functioned at Raging Waters native 1986 – 1988 and also although that is currently the SVP and also COO of Jeff Ellis & Associates (the civilization leader in Aquatic Safety), he regulated to find some time to hop in the Shotgun drops deep chair!


Richard "RAC" Carroll spends some time in the deep chair.

“Coming back each year to visit for me is like being supercharged and also refreshed to keep my passion and also dedication because that our lifeguards and also industry going.”

“Raging Waters and also Morey’s Piers is favor a second home come me,” says RAC. “Coming earlier each year come visit because that me is choose being supercharged and also refreshed to keep my passion and dedication because that our lifeguards and industry going.” RAC recalls a lot of fun memories native his Raging Waters days and if girlfriend have around 8 hrs to spare, he’ll be happy to fill you in. <Note come self: If everyone about you is looking increase - RUN! due to the fact that you are probably 2 secs away from having actually a 5-gallon bucket the water dumped on you head.>

Then over there is Maggie Wisniewski, Morey’s Marketing/PR Manager or ultimate matt stacker. You may recall from one of our previous blog posts, that Maggie to be a 17-year-old child from Northeast Philadelphia who landed a summer project lifeguarding at the water park earlier in 1998. And while lifeguarding back at the water park had her feeling extra old, it"s just like riding a bike. 

“I was home one night after ~ work and also Geoff (Morey’s Piers COO) texted to check out if ns could aid out in the water park... Together a lifeguard,” laughs Maggie. “How might I speak no, that was among the ideal jobs of my life!” 


Maggie stacks matts at speed Slides.

Guarding the speed Slides after all these years had Maggie reminiscing. "If you"ve ever visited ours water parks climate you"ve viewed the lifeguards bobbing their heads up and down," she says. "And no, they aren"t robots. This head activity is dubbed scanning and also we"ve probably taught fine over a thousand lifeguards this method at this very pool." 

When she wasn"t bobbing her head up and down in the water park, friend could likewise find Maggie working in a ticket booth or in ~ the front door on the piers - simply one the the plenty of departments our full time staff was helping out in this season.

"I felt choose Clark Kent in the call booth," hoax Maggie. 

"During the last week the August, ns felt like Clark Kent in the call booth," jokes Maggie. "Except I would go in v a polo shirt and also pair that khakis and come out with a pair of red shorts, a tank top, and rescue tube." TADA!

But it"s also the teamwork and camaraderie that keeps employees coming back - also after they"re long gone. 

Ken Marsaglia, Head Football strong Trainer because that Monmouth University, can not agree more. “When Morey’s Piers placed out an S.O.S questioning alumni if they wanted to come ago and help, I believed why not,” the says. “My schedule allowed me the opportunity and I constantly enjoyed my time working through friends in the water parks.” Ken worked at Raging Waters native 2010- 2014 and also filled in this summer help in supervisory and lifeguard role.

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Ken watch on as he safety the activity Pool.

Ken can be seen lifeguarding the Serpentine Slides one minute and then diving for a pair of shed prescription glasses in the deep swimming pool the next. That was choose he never ever left the place. 

And climate there is ion Laffey. Lengthy time Wildwood comb resident, retired Wildwood institution teacher, and also lifeguard instructor extraordinaire. Ione has spent 35 years training lifeguards and instructing CPR classes. Her passion for aquatics and also water safety has been a substantial asset come our community, especially considering the our tiny barrier island is surrounded by so much open water. 

“I retired several years back and gained a message from Denise Beckson asking if ns was accessible to help and i figured, why not," stated Ione. "My ulterior motive to be to inspect out the kiddie locations for my 3-year-old grandson, Jack. I can’t wait to lug him come visit next summer!"


Morey"s Piers has constantly been a location of teamwork, camaraderie, and lasting friendships. This summer was a true testament that although difficult times never ever last forever, solid relationships do! 

And if the verdict is still out on i beg your pardon water on slide is the best, they every agreed that it to be the funny memories, the good people, and their love because that Morey"s Piers that made them want to come ago and help.