“’Why can't girls with right hair run Irish?’ my daughter asked after her an initial Irish run class.”

“’Why can't girl with right hair run Irish?’ mine daughter asked after ~ her an initial Irish run class.” iStock

What an ireland American mother thought when she introduced her little girl irish dance. That knew "that wig wearing and elaborate beauty, beauty routines are component of the Irish people dance culture"

Sometimes it takes a fresh collection of eyes to shed brand-new light on embraced standards.

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That’s what occurred when Jessica C., one aramuseum.org reader, and also mother of a small girl brand-new to ireland dance, acquired her an initial taste of the competitive field.

While her daughter loved the irish dance class, Jessica to be disturbed the she left her very first day wondering even if it is she’d have the ability to continue dancing with her right hair – so different from the curly wigs the dancers sports for competitions.

“My four-year-old had her very first Irish dance class recently and also the teacher (very nice) was informing the new students (four come six-year-olds) around Irish dance and also dance costumes. She said, "Did you notification something else about Irish dancers? lock all have curly hair." That talked about fine in class yet later mine daughter (straight haired) inquiry me, "Why can"t girls with straight hair run Irish?", Jessica told aramuseum.org.

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“Her question shows the this typical of curly hair is an unusual and also potentially hurtful beauty standard. Having a categorical beauty, beauty standard prefer curly versus directly hair sends kids the message that some physical attributes are great and others are bad.”

Jessica detailed that their newness to the ireland dance civilization probably gives her “some street from the nostalgia and also investment that more experienced dance families could feel around the existing culture.”

Still, she claimed that as soon as she talked to a couple of other parents that are exterior the run world and some who are also brand-new to it, “all were surprised/disappointed to discover that wig wearing and elaborate beauty, beauty routines are part of the Irish individual dance culture.”

“It appears so the end of place,” she added.

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Hoping to deal with the concern directly, Jessica wrote a letter to An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha (The ireland Dance Commission), voicing her concerns around the wigs and beauty criter that it seems ~ so main to the irish dance world.

She received a answer from the CLRG the her letter will be consisted of as correspondence at their next meeting.

Read the complete letter below:

Dear Committee,

I am composing to urge you to ban wigs at irish dancing competitions. The wigs space relics of the 1980s, a time when big hair was fashionable and also people were much less considerate around the beauty, beauty obsession that is being interacted to young girls. Now we know that encouraging young girls to compete with their beauty is not healthy and balanced for them. Moreover, the wigs space a physical load for the girls. The ireland dance community should modernize. Parents are looking come you, as leaders, to decision what is best.

Firstly, the wigs space physically damaging to the girls" scalps and, because that girls with for specific hair types, can cause long ax damage. Girls that wear one uncomfortable wig in the context of a expert dance competition space physically burdened.

Secondly, and also perhaps much more importantly, girls should be discouraged from beauty competition, not encouraged. Your institution is encouraging beauty beauty pageantry and competition -- which disputes with advice from pediatricians, developmental psychologists, psychiatrists, and educators. Banning wigs at irish dance compete would offer the girls a an ext modern, healthy setting for professional dance competition.

Many, numerous parents are hoping that you will ban the wigs so their girls don"t feel so pressured to connect in excessive beauty pageantry and can *just dance*.

Banning wigs would be critical signal that the organization is relocating away indigenous a beauty, beauty pageant environment and back toward a folk society environment.

Thank friend for her consideration,

Jessica C.

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What perform you think that the wigs and also other beauty criter that have pertained to be a component of the irish dance world? Share your thoughts in the comment section, below.