Why execute frog legs twitch or run or jumpwhen salt is sprinkled onthem? and also the frogs are already cleaned or dead or just a pair of foot sitting ~ above a plate? Salt is all we will certainly say in ~ this suggest LOL..... Well we have all checked out it and it is a little weird and freaky and also if you have actually not checked out this phenomenon, it's worth a watch if the doesn't do you squeamish. This is nothing new and has been floating on the web for a lengthy time come the allude to wherein folks are reposting and recreating the same occasion with mirroring why or how frog legs jump or twitch. View videos below from YouTube.

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They perform thiswhen they are already raw frog meat, cleaned, skinned and dead ready to cook. Together you might or might NOT know, magic is no real and nor is frog foot coming earlier alive and dancing ~ above your counter top or cut board. There is a such point though together science and we room pretty sure that science can describe how or why frog legs run or twitch once they are currently dead, dismembered from the hips down and also and skinned. Toadults, this is monster or funny yet to youngsters is it in reality freaky. But if you have never checked out this happen and you create the right instance (which isn't hard) you may be in for a pleasent surprise. We have actually debunked every one of the myths below and have additionally included part YouTube videos that the dancing and also twitching frog legs. They space not our videos as we just shared various other that have currently captured and documented this funny reaction.Right photo Credit to Trapper J out YouTube account


Yes the is true that raw cleaned and also dismemberedfrog legs will certainly dance, jump or twitch if girlfriend sprinkle table salt top top the frog legs? Why or how does the salt make the frog foot dance twitch or dance? fine it this weirdness happens because even though the frog is obviouslydead with simply frog legs and also no body, the frog legs still contain part alive and also living body cells that have the right to respond to certain stimuli.Sodium ionsthat room in basic saltapplied come raw just killed frog foot behave prefer signals native the mind and reason the nerves come fire.Meaning, the muscle contract in solution to the signal indigenous the salt and also the reaction the it reasons the frog foot to run jump and twitch. For this reason the next time you have actually some new frog legs and you you have actually your family or girlfriend around, sprinkle part salt top top the frog legs as soon as they room not looking and also watch their reaction...ha haaaaa. Now you know just how or why frog legs run twitch and dance once salt is added to them.

Dancing frog legs

Got some frogs the other night and also decided to let them carry out a small dance before they struggle the fryer.

JUMP dance TWITCH: adding SALT come FROG legs (CRAZY)

We walk a tiny frog gigging today, heres a video clip of the reaction to salt from new frog legs! clock them run dance and twitch.

Frog legs dancing after gift salted... We caught these in Clay county Indiana. We eat what us catch.

Dancing frog legs, watch them jump and also twitch

Frog legs dance and also twitch and jump with salt

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