My 12 year old Shih Tzu has always been fine behaved, yet lately has actually started to rise on the furniture once no one is home and excessively dig, come the point that she has started to damage it.

A couple of notes that can help, us lost one more dog late last year and also we have actually recently included a new dog earlier into the household. This adjust in her behavior just started the past couple of months and also it is virtually like she is throw a temper tantrum.

What could be resulting in this readjust in behavior and also how deserve to I train her no to carry out it anymore?

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Dogs are social animals and also they always love company. Without company, they desire something to do, digging can be one of them. To manage this, utilizing a polite method is the best, through distracting the from acting those things.

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Like if you view your dog digging, distract him by providing him some playthings or play through him etc. Providing him more of your company will be better. Losing a mate have the right to be a reason for this behavior.

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This is no so uncommon behavior in part dogs, specifically in the scenarios you describe.

Introducing a new dog to the family.

It sounds choose it might be one objection come both the interloper (new dog) and you leave the house. She is a, relatively, old dog and is used to her routines and the household, from what you speak was revolution for lot of her life. Dog\"s room susceptible to changes within the household and can come to be jealous, if over there is a perceived change in attention away from them to someone else in the family (other, children sometimes).

Without knowing clearly the timeframe of once this habits started with referral to as soon as you presented the brand-new dog (eg weeks ~ we obtained the various other dog, I can only prize generally. If you have been walk out much more frequently than usual, this could exacerbate the behavior.

How dog communicate.

Dogs can\"t speak to us, therefore the only method she can present her disappointed is using her body. So dogs will interact in ways, we sometimes perceive as challenging behavior: excessive barking, digging, biting, growling, soiling in the home, jumping as much as name a few.

In the fuss and natural issue to present a new dog come the family, she might be receiving less attention. Well at the an extremely least she was the only dog for some months and she adjusted to having no competition for attention.

The gentle solution.

This is the time to provide her much more attention. As soon as you come home be so happy to check out her, use several verbal praise and also physical affection. The is finest to disregard the furniture. There yes, really is no worth in scolding a dog, after ~ the fact. Whether or no the dog can make the association with the act, it serves no purpose to additional isolate her, by scolding her. (When ns say isolate, ns am speaking from her allude of view, ns don\"t median to say because that an immediate she is socially isolated.)

Take time the end each job to spend some time with her and let her recognize she is your distinct girl. Law her, play v her, go her, I would certainly recommend offering her part one on one time to begin with, together she may be emotion a tiny insecure. Her previous dog died and also was replaced. Dogs are not as silly as we might think. (my opinion).

Gradually you can mix the new dog in through this one-of-a-kind time, therefore she associates the new dog with attention native you, treats and also fun.

Separation anxiety.

If the trouble persists, i would suggest that it could be separation anxiety, i beg your pardon is another issue. Given the details you have actually provided, ns think the extra attention and also time v her, would certainly be the best method to go.

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As a side note, you do not want to be held ransom by your pet, yet if you room able come temporarily increase the time spent at house with your dog and also gradually rise your time away, an unified with the over techniques, this may aid in alleviating the problem.