Hinata here. By opportunity I read Obito :zap: LWL :zap: "s challenge and I automatically loved the idea.

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But then genuine life took over and also only today I discovered some time come actually create this >.#NarutoCharacterAppreciation

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Background Story

Yashamaru was an Anbu indigenous Sunagakure and also Karura"s younger brother. Karura, the 4th Kazekage"s wife and also Gaara"s mom, died soon after providing birth to she baby, Gaara.

Due to the fresh sealing that the One Tail, Shukaku, into Gaara, every villager to be scared that him, however Yashamaru to be different.

Even if every time the looked at little Gaara he to be reminded of his late sister and couldn"t help but feel her absence even more, that still do the efforts to know Gaara and don"t make him feeling alone.


Appointed by Gaara"s father, the 4th Kazekage, come take care of Gaara and also raise him, Yashamaru was ever-present because that the small jinchūriki and also he silently yet lovingly watched over him.


However, as soon as Gaara"s an initial inabilities to manage Shukaku began to manifest, the Kazekage offered order to test his child by attack him both physically and mentally. The job was assigned come Yashamaru, that reluctantly welcomed the task.

After Gaara injured Yashamaru v his Sand Binding Coffin in an attempt to safeguard himself indigenous the attack, however, Yashamaru was gravely injured and also decided to suicide himself. Up till the an extremely end, the fulfilled the order he"d been provided by the Kazekage, lying to Gaara around the origin of his name and also telling him that he and his mommy hated and resented him.

He also went as far as informing Gaara that nobody would ever before love him, and then walk ahead and detonated a series of record bombs he had attached to his flack jacket.


Yashamaru"s brutal and also sharp words and his suicide caused Gaara to go a little insane, and after that even he began hating everybody, becoming even more of an emotionally wreck than he already was, and turning into the monster his dad and town always believed he was.


It was only after the fourth Shinobi battle that Gaara finally uncovered out the truth around his uncle and also his mother, and around the deep-rooted love they"d always felt towards him.

Why I prefer him

Personally at an initial I just liked him for his kind smile and also the caring words and answers he constantly had because that little, scared Gaara.

He seemed to me together if that was never ever afraid that Gaara, choose every other villager, and also absolutely never resented him because that Karura"s death. On the contrary, he constantly tried to know Gaara"s loneliness and pain and did his ideal to teach him about physical pain and also love.

The means he speak to Gaara, seriously and also yet calmly and patiently, do the efforts to do him understand exactly how much love problem in one"s life, was and also is one of the best teachings Naruto offered me end time.

Favorite Quotes:

"Physical wounds will absolutely bleed and may look at painful, however overtime the pain normally disappears. And also if you use medicine, the heal is also faster.

But what is dangerous are the wounds of the heart. Nothing is harder come heal.

They"re a bit various from physical injuries. Friend can"t apply medicine because that one thing and sometimes, they never ever heal.

But there is one point that have the right to cure a wound the the heart. However, this is a complex medicine because that it can only be given to friend by an additional person.

The thing that deserve to cure a wound the the heart... Is love, Gaara."

Final Opinions

In a way, ns feel favor Naruto was the first one, who was finally able come reach into Gaara"s brokenness and finally present him just how to heal the wounds that the heart the Yashamaru had actually mentioned come Gaara years earlier.

The reality is, ns wish Yashamaru hadn"t lied to Gaara at all, but he loved Gaara dearly, and also I think that took an excellent courage and also sacrifice to end his life lying to the only human he ever loved after his sister just to fulfill the Kazekage"s orders.

Thanks come Yashamaru"s native first, and also Naruto"s assist later, Gaara was finally able to establish his mistakes and discover the true definition of true friendship and love.

That"s why ns think Yashamaru to be a really special character that isn"t offered the ideal appreciation: there is no him, Gaara wouldn"t have never recognized what love deserve to really do.

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