So, the question plenty of fans have been asking over the years is, What occurred to Bulma and also Yamcha’s relationship in dragon ball?

First, I desire to say that ns am a pan of Yamcha i love Yamcha in Dragon Ball and I love the dragon sphere manga side story around Yamcha.

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ns don’t want to feeling the wrath of any type of Yamcha fans don’t obtain me wrong. This post is going come be around Toriyama’s official statement top top Yamaha’s future as a bachelor and his connection with Bulma.

So, Bulma and Yamcha romance, unfortunately, did not turn out to it is in the best life for two romantic people. It’s applied in Dragon ball that the reason why Bulma breaking up with Yamcha was that he was no loyal to her.

Now it’s not declared that he in reality cheating or anything like that. However, Bulma pretty lot says the he to be a bit of a Playboy. So, together a result of the Bulma moved on and wound increase hooking up v Prince Vegeta.

Eventually, Bulma and also Vegeta gained married and also they had actually children and also well, you understand what taken place next.4

What happened To Bulma and Yamcha Relationship

Bulma, Yamcha, and Toriyama 

So once it pertains to Yamcha, Toriyama does provide some understanding into the cons and bond guide publication Dragon sphere forever.

Toriyama to be asked if Yamcha was able to uncover a girlfriend talking around the poor luck he had actually with women. Toriyama replies earlier by speak ”He’ll always be choose that last” Now, this was no the finish Toriyama countless years later during the elevation of the fight of gods in 2013 was asked more questions about the state the Yamcha and also other characters.

kendall Kobayashi indigenous Fuji TV asks because that what the can be fried fate of Yamcha is and Toriyama responded v this and I quote ” He has an alarm of loving women but not being great around them for this reason he quiet wandering thoughtlessly in search of the appropriate partner.”

Anyway, he’s saying the Yamcha is tho nervous which somewhat contradicts Yamcha being a Playboy.


Well, since if he’s a Playboy why would he it is in nervous about women? Again this is a weird story but nonetheless, Toriyama continues by saying the he functioned in a host club but since of his nervousness the didn’t go well and also Yamcha to be fired.

Now, this is some an extremely interesting information that taken place to Yamcha best after the Dragon round Manga released. This throughout the time of the battle of gods shortly prior to that.

Yamcha’ organize Club Job

So, if you’re wonder what a hold club or a hostess club is? Well, this is something the is part of the night entertainment, the night irradiate of Eastern asian countries.

Basically, you have a society that has actually a many women pull in very provocative outfits serving drink to men.


This is generally after they gain off of job-related in Japan, this are called Kiaba Khuda halo Mohabbat choose a cabaret.

So, that’s pretty lot what that is, It’s not specifically a strip club from my research. However, castle don’t acquire naked or anything, yet I’m sure that those are absolutely out there.

However, i don’t think Toriyama was not implying that Yamcha worked in one of those strip clubs. 

Toriyama walk on come say his livelihood is mostly working along with Puar as a freelance bodyguard.

But he occasionally goes to Teinshinan to aid with the farm as well. So, the is the follow-up story the is the fate the Bulma and also Yamcha.

So the concern is will certainly Yamcha ever before get a girlfriend after ~ Bulma that continues to be to be a question. However, hopefully, because that the young true fans the end there.

Toriyama will write something in the future Dragon round for Yamcha and will it is in happy that’s it for this very unusual quickie article that I never ever thought I would certainly do.

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Nonetheless, ns feel choose it’s an excellent to re-publishing this info with the neighborhood with the fate the Bulman and Yamcha. However at least he’s the guy who take it Bulma’s virginity. Remain tuned for more posts choose this in the future.