Long hair and professional wrestling walk together like DUIs and professional wrestling. 

One will find it impossible to draw up a perform of the greatest professional wrestlers the all-time there is no coming across a nice, long mane of flowing hair that charismatically whips ago into the air with every worked punch soaked up by the icon in question. 

Even stone Cold Steve Austin—legendary for his fully disposition—once had long hair. 

But with WWE COO Triple H completing the corporate revolution by shaving his signature lengthy hair soon after fake retiring, one unsettling tendency is beginning to overtake the wrestling human being as commitments to the hairstyles the have concerned brand some of the all-time greats are beginning to wane to the sound of our hearts breaking. 

Kevin Nash ended up being one of the WWE"s best stars in the 1990"s as Diesel, the imposing bodyguard turn WWE Champion that sported a mullet before letting it grow out into something that didn"t make him look prefer a roadie for Lynyrd Skynyrd. 

After losing a hair vs. Hair complement to kris Jericho, Nash reduced his hair, ending over a te of jet-black utopia. 

Nash has because sported the short-haired look an ext often than no over the years, through the controversial star recently shaving his head shortly after filming a serviceable function in the sleeper struggle Magic Mike.

Vince McMahon"s haircut wasn"t as heartbreaking together it was hilarious, yet it was constantly fun to speculate whether or not he to be wearing a toupee. 

That speculaton died in addition to McMahon"s middle-aged pompador in ~ WrestleMania 23—which created the highest possible WWE buyrate of every time—when he lost a gimmick complement to Donald trumped in the battle of the Billionaires. 

Bald Vince couldn"t have actually been an encouraging authorize for WWE subjects seeking accuse from sports entertainment"s greatest dictator. He looked an ext like Voldemort after Harry Potter beat him, hence draining that of his powers. 

Chris Jericho to be humane enough to lull us right into his eventual brief hair look with multiple haircuts that reduced his hair in size while boosting in intensity.

After year of donning the rocker watch equipped v long, blonde hair, Jericho to be all but buzzed by the moment he had returned come the WWE in 2007. 

Long hair Ravishing rick Rude to be so much an ext risque" than short hair Ravishing rick Rude. Something about the short-hair with the mustache just wasn"t 80"s porn star, namely because he taken on the look at in the 90"s. 

In the dark, desolate world of disappearing "dos" in what is ending up being the great Hair Depression, Shawn Michaels is our Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 

In fact, Michaels is therefore serious around staying true to his own trademark hairstyle that he at this time wears hair plugs just to store up appearances. 

Bless his heart. 

However, Michaels gave us a couple of hair scares—most newly in 2002 when he chopped many of his hair turn off en route to win his first world championship in four years. 

Michaels would ultimately grow earlier his senses and also and his hair quickly thereafter. 

CM Punk shed his hair ~ a bloody match against Rey Mysterio, however he has come right into his own with the slick-back watch he at this time wears. 

It to be renegade blonde in ROH, Charles-Manson black color in WWE, and now it"s gone. 

Thanks for the memories. 

Edge verified up come his own Hall-of-Fame consciousness looking much more like The Edge native U2. He basically went complete Chris Jericho when his rings career had officially wrapped, retiring both in the ring and from his blow dryer. 

Now what"s that going to violently operation his fingers through before he access time the spear the following time WrestleMania is in Canada? 

We didn"t even get a opportunity to speak goodbye. 

Molly Holly"s healthy appeal was shaken to its foundation in one of the many iconic hair moment in WWE Divas history.

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Following a loss come Victoria, Holly was required to have her head shave at WrestleMania XX. 

Holly would certainly go on to wear her hair quick for the remainder of she WWE career, and wear the she did.

For something together ceremonious together Triple H cutting his hair, to uncover out v the watermarked postings of a breaking news story on TMZ definitely was disappointing. 

No phone call call. No email. Not also a Dear john letter. Just a buzzed, that company jerk posing v fans, hope nobody would notification what easily came to be a story.

The Undertaker ambushed the WWE one year by cut off many of his hair while reinventing himself as the American Badass.

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After returning together the Undertaker proper, Taker pulled a comparable stunt critical year as photos surfaced that a fully Undertaker. 

Taker returned to the WWE this past year put on what clearly was a wig, and was conveniently booked to cut his "hair" off as a promotional an approach during his WrestleMania XXVIII feud with Triple H. 

Taker"s new mohawk is more Legion that Doom 보다 Prince of Darkness. But such is life. 

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