Arthur Miller composed The Crucible both since he viewed parallels in between the Salem witch trials that the 1690s and also the Red fear of the 1950s and also because the witch trials fascinated him. He likely hoped that in telling the story the the witch trials, he could aid prevent similar attitudes and also behaviors in the present and future.

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The most obvious reason Arthur Miller created The Crucible (or anything else, really) is due to the fact that he had actually a story to tell. There is no that, he would certainly not have been motivated to write. The is true, however, the what inspired him to write this specific story is quite personal.

together a Jewish...

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The most noticeable reason Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible (or anything else, really) is because he had a story come tell. Without that, he would not have actually been influenced to write. It is true, however, the what inspired him to compose this specific story is fairly personal.

As a Jewish man, Miller to be a politics advocate versus the inequalities of gyeongju in America, and he was vocal in his assistance of labor and the unions. Due to the fact that he was such one outspoken doubter in these 2 areas, he to be a element target because that Senator Joseph McCarthy and also others that were top top a mission come rid the nation of Communism.

Miller to be called before the house Committee ~ above Un-American activities because the his relations to these issues however refused come condemn any type of of his friends. This experience, a quite blind and also sweeping blame of anything also remotely linked to communist without enough (or any) evidence, is what motivated him come write about the Salem Witch trials.

In a later on interview, Miller claimed the following:

It would probably never have arisen to me to write a play around the Salem witch trials that 1692 had I not seen some astonishing correspondences through that calamity in the America that the so late 40s and also early 50s. My simple need to be to respond to a phenomenon which, with only tiny exaggeration, one might say paralysed a totality generation and in a quick time dried up the behavior of trust and also toleration in public discourse.

However, the more he started to research the tragic events in Salem, the much more he taken that McCarthy"s hunt for Communists was nothing contrasted to the fanaticism which reigned in Salem in the 1690s.

In time to come, the id of equating the red-hunt v the witch-hunt would be condemned together a deception. There were communists and also there never were witches. The deeper ns moved into the 1690s, the further away drifted the America that the 50s, and, fairly than the appeal of analogy, I uncovered something various to draw my curiosity and excitement.

Anyone standing increase in the Salem of 1692 and denying that witches existed would have confronted immediate arrest, the hardest interrogation and possibly the rope. Every authority no only evidenced the presence of witches yet never doubted the need of executing them. It became noticeable that come dismiss witchcraft was to forgo any kind of understanding of just how it pertained to pass that tens of thousands had been murdered together witches in Europe. To dismiss any kind of relation in between that episode and also the hunt because that subversives was to shut under an insight into not only the similar emotions but likewise the identical practices of both officials and also victims.

In his note around the historical accuracy of the play, miller writes:

I believe that the reader will discover here the important nature of among the strangest and also most terrible chapters in human being history.

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Though his attention in the comparisons in between the trials and McCarthyism began with his own experience, it was the horrific nature that the trials themselves which motivated Miller to write The Crucible.