“The Thrill Is Gone” has the distinction of being consisted of on a 1931 landmark recording titled Gems indigenous George White’s Scandals.

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- Jeremy Wilson

MusicRay Henderson
LyricsLew Brown

Rudy Vallee and also His Connecticut Yankees introduced “The Thrill is Gone” on the Victor label. In addition to its B side, “My Song,” the tune went on come the charts top top September 12, 1931, rising to number ten. Also charting on the day to be Vallee’s sheathe of “Life Is just a key of Cherries,” which climbed to number three.

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Chart details used by permission fromJoel Whitburn's popular music Memories 1890-1954

All three of the above-mentioned song were created for the Broadway revue, George White’s Scandals which opened up at the Apollo Theatre on September 14, 1931 and also ran because that 202 performances. Although the actors included Vallee, “The Thrill Is Gone” was performed by baritone Everett Marshall; “My Song” and also “Life Is simply a bowl of Cherries” to be performed through Ethel Merman. Other hits consisted of “This Is Missus,” presented by Valee, and “That’s Why Darkies were Born.”

Showman George White began as a dancer and actor but is finest known for his Scandals, yearly musical revues (1919-1926) the were rivals to the Ziegfeld Follies. Over there were more Scandals version in 1928, 1929, 1931, 1935, and also 1939. At first the scores were created by George Gershwin, v lyrics through Arthur Jackson, B. G. DeSylva, Ballard MacDonald, and others. In 1925, White hired beam Henderson to score Scandals. Henderson had already teamed v B. G. DeSylva and also Lew Brown who added the lyrics. White used the team again in ’26, ’28, and ’31 although the last was sans B. G. DeSylva who had moved on to motion snapshot production. In 1935 Henderson score Scandals for the critical time through lyrics by Jack Yellen.

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“The Thrill Is Gone” has actually the difference of being included on a 1931 landmark recording. Follow to David Ewen in his book, great Men the American renowned Song, “Brunswick records released a twelve-inch plate in which every the hit songs from this revue were tape-recorded by ice Crosby and also the Boswell Sisters, marking the first attempt come reproduce the straightforward score of a single production in a recording.” Ross Laird’s book, Brunswick Records: A Discography that Recordings, 1916-1931 Volume 2: brand-new York Sessions, 1927-1931, provides an ext detail. The double-sided, 78-RPM record was title Gems native George White’s Scandals, with music by Victor Young and also the Brunswick Orchestra and vocals through the Boswell Sisters, ice cream Crosby, candid Munn and also the Mills Brothers, and also trombone passages by cutting board Dorsey.

The text to “The Thrill Is Gone” phone call the story of a love grown cold, starting with,

...I’m in your arms and also you room kissing me,But there appears to it is in something missingIn your kissing....

There is no attempt at rekindling the fire, simply memories of much better times,

...Love was grand once love to be new.Birds to be singin’, skies were blue,...

And then resignation,

...So why pretend.And let it linger on?The thrill is gone.

“The Thrill Is Gone” has been recorded by buy it Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Stan Kenton, Chet Baker, Julie London, and also Stan Getz to name a few. The version popularized by B. B. King was composed by rick Darnell and Roy Hawkins in 1951.

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David EwenGreat guys of American popular SongPrentice-Hall; Rev. And also enl. Ed editionUnknown Binding: 404 pages(This publication has a seven-page chapter on the songwriting team of DeSylva, Brown, and Henderson.)

- Jeremy Wilson

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