Mexican society is all about the world and also today various typical costumes, classic symbols of native communities, common ingredients that gastronomy, and also the musical selection that sounds in every edge are recognized worldwide.

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An important component of Mexico’s background is reflect in every national symbol, such as the Mexican national Anthem. Every verse contains a entirety patriotic meaning that it has learned since we were kids, yet what is the historic background the this composition?

Considered among the most beautiful hymns in the world, it source at a an overwhelming time in Mexico, due to the fact that the country had simply lost almost fifty percent of that is territory, so it compelled an encouraging anthem to lug the populace back together.

Mexicanos, al grito de guerra.

El acero aprestad y el bridón,

y retiemble en sus centros la tierra

al sonoro rugir del cañón.

Choir the the Mexican national Anthem.It represents an invite for mexicans to be brave and also prepared for battle.

Then, in 1853, the previous president Antonio López de Santa Anna launched a contest to develop a national symbol the would improve Mexican pride, i m sorry is why this compete summoned talents in 2 areas: writing and music.

Homeland verses

First, the composing that perfectly defined the feeling of Mexicans was chosen. Twenty-six poets participated v extraordinary poems, however the winner was Francisco González Bocanegra, originally from san Luis Potosí. In the beginning, this talented poet refuse to participate, however his fiancée, Guadalupe González del Pino y Villapando, locked him in a room to write some verses come compete because she commonly trusted his ability to write.

After 4 hrs of confinement, Bocanegra passed under the door the verses that explain the defense that the country, therefore he created the nationwide Anthem.

Proud melody

After having actually chosen Bocanegra’s lyrics, it to be summoned to collection it to music. Among 15 participants, the winner was the Spaniard Jaime Nunó. Who had just arrived in Mexico to work-related as a Warband director. Although in ~ first, the truth that the music was composed by a foreigner was not well watched by the Mexicans, it was a truth that both compositions would represent the nation.

Thus, the Mexican nationwide Anthem was sung for the first time top top September15, 1854, at the Santa Anna Theater and it was the following day that it to be officially exit throughout the country, unfortunately without obtaining a positive response.

Everything argued that this composition to be going to be placed aside, but it was during the mandate of Porfirio Díaz that it was played in official ceremonies, and also over the years, the initial 10 stanzas had some deletions and modifications until reaching what is now a day. It was until almost 100 years later on that this national Anthem to be decreed as a nationwide symbol together with the national Shield and also the Flag.

In civic events in schools, Olympic ceremonies, football games, and also other official occasions in which the mexican Flag is present, the beautiful melody that makes all mexicans proud is played.

¡Patria! ¡Patria! tus hijos car juran

exhalar en tus aras su aliento,

si el clarín con su bélico acento

los convoca a lidiar con valor.

¡Para ti las guirnaldas de oliva;

¡un recuerdo para ellos de gloria!

¡un laurel para ti de victoria;

¡un sepulcro para ellos de honor!

Tenth verse of the Mexican national Anthem.

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It explains the bravery through which mexicans must protect the country.