5 One item Relationships The Fans are Behind (& 5 they Rejected) One piece isn"t a collection that often focuses on romance, however that hasn"t quit fans native pairing characters together.

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romance in shonen manga is a rarely treat. Many series hint in ~ it however stay far from any kind of direct confirmation uneven they"re ending. Well, because that one, the genre is mostly catered come young boys, and girls have cooties. Second, it"s all around action. There"s no time for romance! Yet, somehow, the biggest collection of all, One Piece, has actually a same amount of romantic in it. That"s most likely why it"s stayed so popular over the years.

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There are little sprinkles of romantic throughout the 900+ chapter series. So, let"s open the floodgates and gush around some fan pairings. Hopefully, this will certainly hold civilization over until Pirate warriors 4 finally comes out.

Updated ~ above November 4th, 2021 through Olivia Subero: The development of the most recent Wano country arc has actually birthed another potential ship in between Zoro and one that the newest characters. Also, this list has been to update to solve some out of day information and resolve a couple of other minor errors.

There"s yes, really no other location to start, is there? Nami and Sanji, the pairing the manga itself harps ~ above most, and the one many fans speak about. Some are against it due to how large of a perv Sanji is and also how he loves every mrs he sees.

Others are versus it due to the fact that they think Sanji have to remain alone or get in addition to one that his various other potential love interests, such together Pudding or Viola. But, in ~ the finish of the day, both of these children have saved each other from compelled marriage attempts, they"re continually teasing each various other (even if Sanji is commonly the one being teased), and they have natural chemistry.

Now, arguably, Luffy and Nami have gone through more together, and Nami can even trust Luffy more than Sanji. The rubber young did save her life native Arlong and finally damaged down the wall surfaces that preserved her from connecting v anyone. Still, come the fans, this two have actually never seemed favor anything more than near friends.

Luffy provides no attempts to show up attractive come Nami, and also she rarely, if at all, supplies her feminine wiles come trick him. They"re simply two kindred spirits with entirely various personalities. Us love the chemistry in between the captain and navigator that the Straw cap Crew yet couldn"t imagine them also holding hands romantically.

many casual reader of One Piece like that all of the Straw hat Crew simply remain as friends. The whole series is built upon finding her true "nakama," and also forcing romantic ties would deflate that in its entirety message. Still, if any kind of two in the crew make sense together, it"s Franky and also Robin. Both of lock act together mature older siblings come the remainder of the bunch and also have some really catastrophic backgrounds.

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They"ve overcome the romantic barrier before right when Franky joined, return that circumstances was quite violent. Still, the movies particularly like come hint in ~ a type of ethereal closeness between the Oharan scholar and the Shipwright protege, and also fans space all because that it.

7 fans Rejected: Usopp X Perona

There"s a actual trend the if two personalities share any kind of similarities, people think they"re destined because that each other. Remember, most of these people ranting and raving about pairings ~ above forums room teens or children, for this reason they"re a bit inexperienced ~ above what renders a effective mature relationship.

And a pairing that was constantly fought for with tiny evidence is Usopp and Perona. The two of them room both realists, and also not to point out "weak" and cowardly. Oh, and also they both have distinctive facial expressions. Yet, they"ve only mutual one fight and also a couple of conversations. There"s nothing over there in regards to romantic attention or even general friendship.

Usopp and also Kaya, on the various other hand, might too just it is in a evidenced pairing by mangaka Eiichiro Oda himself. Castle both prefer each other. Castle have additionally made that known; it"s just a issue of Kaya enduring until Usopp provides it with the grand Line, and also their pairing is sure to happen.

Usopp nearly died because that her, she"s sacrificed plenty for him, and she in reality likes his cowardly nature and propensity to lie. It"s a classic situation of individuals who thrived up together and grow old together. As far as romances go, various other than maybe Capone Bege and his wife Charlotte Chiffon, this is around as actual as they"ll get in the One Piece universe.

5 fans Rejected: Zoro X Perona

bad Perona, she simply can"t seem to romance anyone. No that she yes, really tries to; her personality just sort of innately put anyone near to her in the "friend zone." when it"s true the Zoro and Perona have shared many of time together, have chemistry conversationally, and also an honest, natural back-and-forth, the still doesn"t it seems ~ romantic. Moreso, castle seem favor unlikely allies required to be friendly due to their situation.

Think of exactly how Luffy and also Trafalgar"s alliance first started; it seems a lot more similar to that than exactly how Usopp and also Kaya talk to every other. If it"d be nice if Zoro find love for this reason he can develop a bit much more emotional depth previous "I really want cut things well," it"s unlikely he"ll discover what he"s searching for with Perona.

There"s a usual agreement among those in any kind of workforce the you shouldn"t date anyone you occupational with daily. People need an are to maintain healthy and balanced relationships. Being forced to check out your far-reaching other every day in ~ work and when you"re house only makes things more complicated.

Yet, somehow, we still think marine Captain Smoker and his low grade Tashigi would be an excellent together. Honestly, the seems choose Tashigi is the only human Smoker even opens up to, and he likewise seems to include everything Tashigi desires to come to be herself together a Marine. Plus, they"ve both possessed each other"s bodies for a time in Punk Hazard, so that adds one more weird level to the potential chemistry.

3 pan Rejected: Zoro X Tashigi

if there was some genuine connection in between Smoker and Tashigi, there is virtually nothing for Zoro and the sword-wielding Marine. Well, various other than the fact she looks prefer his dead childhood friend, i m sorry is about the worst factor for romance possible.

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Tashigi and also Zoro space both knife users, and also while over there are hundreds of fan theories about her gift Kuina, the hasn"t to be confirmed, and also they quiet have practically no chemistry in the current day. Yet, all it bring away is both of them making use of swords for fans come rant and rave around how castle belong together.

currently that the Wano nation arc is in complete swing, fans have actually been introduced to variety of new characters. Hiyori, the youngest son of the so late Oden Kozuki, develops an allyship v the Straw hat Crew"s famed swordsman. After Zoro conserves her and Otoko from a rampaging Kamazo, Hiyori stays by his next while in hiding. She feels more comfortable revealing her true identification to the after realizing he"s allied through her brother, Momonosuke. Hiyori"s to trust in Zoro strengthens once she decides to give him Enma, a valuable heirloom passed under from she father.

It"s rare to check out Zoro acquire close to one more woman the isn"t Nami or Robin, so fans welcome the idea that a ship between him and also Hiyori. Their characters are complete opposites, but there is a strong bond in between them. Your banter is also a delight to watch, and fans space eager come see an ext of it.

1 fans Rejected: Luffy X Boa Hancock

Let"s take a look right into one of the most forced pairings that the show that each other nothing yet contempt. Boa Hancock is a murderer, she"s selfish, and she"s vain. Yet she has a real soft spot because that a details Monkey D. Luffy. It"s a hilarious collection of events, and fans still type of love the she melts at the sight of him, even when he"s choose his nose.

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But, these 2 would not last together. Luffy in no way would be subservient come her, Hancock wouldn"t fit at all on the thousand Sunny, and both their goals couldn"t be much more different. Together unrequited love, it"s a funny bit, however as a major relationship, that doesn"t host much water.