Capitalizing ~ above his immense success through the album Supernatural, and its hits (including “Smooth,” “Maria Maria,” and “Love of my Life”), Carlos Santana recurring the procedure with his following album, Shaman.
Latin-Rock video clip Check the end the brand-new video for this guitar and percussion-driven song by the leading Santana Tribute and also Latin-rock band.

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However, that album, when still quite successful in regards to sales, didn’t quite have the magic embodied in Supernatural. Whereas lot of mythological felt choose true collaboration, and also the song encompassed much more of the “Santana sound,” Shaman displays a Carlos Santana who appears to be a little farther from the core.

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Emblematic that Shaman is the smash hit, “The video game of Love,” a duet with Michelle Branch. Whether true or not, The game of Love appears primarily to it is in a tune written by pro songwriters (in this case, Gregg Alexander and Rick Nowells), and also sung through a pop star (Michelle Branch, platinum-selling singer-songwriter, and also a member of The Wreckers with Jessica Harp). Return the song was ostensibly produced by Carlos and Clive Davis, the doesn’t have actually what most world think of together the “Santana feel.”

For one thing, there is very tiny Latin percussion. Too, the tune is in a major vital (D major), and never modulates the end of it. Finally, Santana’s playing — while tuneful sufficient — never ever seems to ascend to the status of hooks. Rather, the floats v the song, satisfied enough, but not as memorable as plenty of of his riffs in other songs. Also his guitar tone seems a bit much more generic 보다 usual.
Latin-Rock video clip Check out the new video for this guitar and also percussion-driven track by the leading Santana Tribute and Latin-rock band.

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contrast that through “Smooth,” native Supernatural, where Santana’s etc riffs type an integral part of the melody, the Latin percussion-driven Cha Cha groove is unending, and also even the horns emphasize the young key.

Still, The game of Love is a well-crafted song, a perfect fit because that Michelle Branch, and it became a hit because that logical reasons. Maybe hearing this track will encourage younger listener to seek out previously — and much more iconic — Santana recordings.

Game the Love Lyrics

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Tell meJust what you desire me to beOne kissAnd boom you’re the just one for meSo you re welcome tell me why don’t girlfriend come roughly no moreCause right now I’m cryingOutside the door of your candy store

It simply takes a small bit of thisA little bit that thatIt started with a kissNow we we’re as much as batA little bit of laughs

A tiny bit of painI’m informing you, my babeIt’s every in the game of love

Is whatever you make it to beSunshine collection on this cold lonely seaSo you re welcome baby shot and usage me because that what I’m good forIt ain’t sayin’ goodbye it’s knocking under the doorOf her candy store

It’s all in this game of love

You roll me, regulate meConsole me, please hold meYou guide me, divide me, right into two

So you re welcome tell me why don’t friend come about no moreCause right now I’m dying external the doorOf her loving store

It’s all in this video game of loveIt’s every in the video game of loveYeah, in the game of love

Roll me, 2ontrol mePlease host me(Make me feeling good, yeah)

I’m out below on my ownOn my very own

Carlos’ gear What he offers currently, as well as the history of the amps, guitars, effects, and much more that he has actually been using throughout his career.

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Game that Love Chords


Gmaj7/E – A/D(repeat)

VerseGmaj7/E – A/D(repeat)

PreChorusGmaj7/E – A/D – Gmaj7 – Asus4Gmaj7/E – Fm7 – Gmaj7 – A (add 9)

ChorusGmaj7/E – Dmaj7 – Gmaj7/E – DGmaj7/E – Dmaj7 – Gmaj7/E – Asus4

Pre BridgeGmaj7/E – Dmaj7 – Gmaj7 – A (add 9)

BridgeGmaj7/E – Fm7 – Gmaj7 – Asus4Gmaj7/E – Fm7 – Gmaj7 – A

Guitar SoloGmaj7/E – A/D – Gmaj7/E – A/DGmaj7/E – A/D – Gmaj7 – Asus4(repeat)

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