No, ~ above “Catch a fall Star” Perry Como is not referring to literally capturing meteorites and holding onto them. Rather there is a long-standing individual belief, dating earlier to who knows when, that views beholding shooting stars together being great luck. And that is upon that idea the this tune is set.

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And that is not to indicate that Perry Como had a childish psychic or anything choose that. In the 21st century, a song favor this would certainly be considered much more like a kids’ tune. But ago during the more-sanitized mid-20th century throughout which it was released, “Catch a fall Star” was actually a traditional pop song, with the accolades to prove it.

But that noted, what Perry Como is fundamentally saying isn’t fantastical. Indeed feather underneath all of the vivid language, that would appear that what he is actually doing is espousing a positive method of thinking. And this is not just in the surname of counteracting the inescapable depressions of life but likewise just in situation one might randomly cross paths with his or she soulmate. You wouldn’t want to meet the guy or mrs of your desires without a “pocketful of starlight” in tow, i.e. Be so recorded in the day-to-day BS that you’re too gloomy come capitalize ~ above the opportunity.

So as whole we would certainly say the whole innocent, if girlfriend will, emotion behind this tune is in reality indicative that the era in i m sorry it was released. “Catch a falling Star” is choose a 1950s’ version of Pharrell’s “Happy“. And what the narrator is saying is something like when you find a tiny bit of delight do your best to hold onto it, type of favor putting bliss in your pocket instead of money.


Who composed “Catch a falling Star”?

The writers of this song are a couple of Brooklynites named Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss (1924-2011). And yes, as of the creating of this short article in 2021, Paul Vance is still lively at the ripe old age of 91.


More truth

“Catch a falling Star” holds the difference of being the first single which the Recording industry Association that America (aka RIAA) had ever certified gold. And for the record, that event transpired especially on the day of 14 march 1958.

Moreover, before the disco era achieving the certification meant that the song offered in overfill of 1,000,000 copies. (Though come note, there were songs that sold that many copies even front to “Catch a fall Star”.)

“Catch a fall Star” also topped an old college Billboard list known as the Most played by Jockeys chart. And it respectively peaked at number 3 and 9 on the Billboard hot 100 and UK Singles Chart.

Also add to the success of this song is that earning Perry Como a 1959 Grammy award in the group of Best Vocal Performance, Male.

In enhancement to the above, it likewise received nominations because that both “Song” and also “Record” that the year awards in ~ the Grammys that 1959. It however, lost both categories to Domenico Modugno’s “Nel blu, dipinto di blu (Volare)”.

“Catch a falling Star” came out during 1957. Reportedly it no directly associated with any album at the time, despite it did have a B-side, one more Perry Como hit named “Magic Moments”.

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Perry Como

Perry Como (1912-2001) to be not only a singer but additionally actor and also TV personality by profession. He compliment from the state that Pennsylvania – one area called Canonsburg come be specific – and traced his parentage ago to Italy. As far as his music career went, Perry spent virtually 50 years signed come the same label, the being RCA Victor.

In reality this was the only label he ever before recorded for and as together is the one responsible for “Catch a fallout’s Star”. And overall, also though he’s not a name we typically come throughout these days, he was one of the many renowned entertainers, both ~ above radio and also television, during his day.