human being of Warcraft: Shadowlands to adjust the stage for one faction leader to end up being corrupted, continuing a tendency from vault expansions.

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World that Warcraft Shadowlands Factions
World the Warcraft: Shadowlands has finally released, taking Azeroth’s heroes v a rift to the afterlife itself together they fight to save lost souls indigenous the Maw and also the hand of the Jailer. The expansion’s events are set in motion by Forsaken founder and former Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner, who flees the Horde and also destroys the Lich king’s Helm of Domination, opened a gateway to the floor of the dead.

World that Warcraft has seen faction leader turn bad before, often to the chagrin of football player who favor the moral ambiguity of the Alliance and also Horde conflict an initial fully discover in Warcraft 3. Not only does Sylvanas continue the trend in World that Warcraft: Shadowlands, however the expansion may be setup up an additional faction leader for a comparable fate, if some search dialog and also excerpts from other Warcraft media are to be believed.

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Warchief gone Wrong

Garrosh speaking to His father On Draenor
A common criticism that Sylvanas Windrunner’s characterization in the an ext recent WoW expansions has less to carry out with the character’s heel-turn itself, and a lot to carry out with the previous Warchief of the Horde, Garrosh Hellscream. Garrosh take it over as Warchief from Thrall, who started the modern-day Horde together it exist in WoW. The readjust was made as soon as Thrall stepped under after the occasions of Wrath of the Lich King. Many players at the moment were hostile to the idea of one more Warchief in general, allow alone a reasonably newer character prefer Garrosh, who had only been presented in The burning Crusade.

However, end the food of Mists of Pandaria and also Warlords that Draenor, Garrosh go from gift a hot-headed warrior come an unambiguously angry character willing to turn on the other Horde races and also even his own civilization in search of victory and also revenge. When Garrosh’s prideful personality resulted in some problems in the story as shortly as he was named Thrall’s successor, it was rare for Garrosh to be explicitly malevolent. The death of Tauren leader Cairne Bloodhoof, for example, was allowed by a duel v Garrosh, yet was eventually only led to by Magatha Grimtotem, a rival Tauren chieftain that poisoned Garrosh’s weapon in secret.

Garrosh would ultimately finish his time as Warchief ~ corrupting the Vale that Eternal Blossoms and expelling the trolls from Orgrimmar, coming to be the last boss of Mists the Pandaria during the taking place rebellion. After the fatality of his successor, troll leader Vol’jin, Sylvanas became Warchief. Until that allude in the story, Sylvanas, like Garrosh, had been depicted with the same moral ambiguity afforded to most of the WoW gyeongju leaders.

Sylvanas" Descent

She may have lived in the creepy caverns of the Undercity, but Sylvanas was presented as genuinely caring for she people, the Forsaken. When some Forsaken assaulted the life at the Wrath door in Wrath that the Lich King, Sylvanas was quick to denounce them and even help Horde and Alliance forces raid the Undercity to defeat the separatist leader.

It became clear in Cataclysm just how much Sylvanas was willing come take points to develop a location for her people, raising new undead utilizing the Lich king Val’kyr. However, while she was going to higher extremes, that made sense as a continuation of her main motive: developing a permanent nation for the undead in the ruins of Lordaeron.

Battle for Azeroth, however, witnessed Sylvanas go under a very comparable path to Garrosh. Like Garrosh, elements of the Horde began disagreeing with her too much methods, and like Garrosh she began to prioritize her own race above the rather of the Horde. Eventually she would duel and kill Horde veteran Varok Saurfang, abdicating she position and - perhaps many uncharacteristically - abandoning the Forsaken before fleeing to Icecrown Citadel wherein she initiated the events of Shadowlands.

The truth that two Horde leaders went down an in similar way villainous courses was criticize by part players that not just felt that the similarity made Sylvanas’ rotate predictable, but additionally that the Horde’s penchant for creating villainous Warchiefs operated to oversimplify the moral ambiguity the the faction conflict. However, an additional faction leader may go under a dark path soon too, despite this time they aren’t a member the the Horde.

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King Anduin Wrynn

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Anduin Wrynn from world of Warcraft - 2 - Diablo Paladin Trivia
The young King the Stormwind, Anduin Wrynn, has been hinted to have actually hidden darkness within him. The Warcraft novel Shadows Rising talks around the enormous pressure facing Anduin, and also at one point Anduin also shows one affinity because that Shadow magic as soon as a “wisp the purple energy traveled down his arm, gathering in his palm” during an extreme moment. Zero magic is the opposite force to the light the character normally invokes to actors spells, and also could hint that Anduin’s desire come do great may lead him under a troublesome path.

Not only that, but Anduin is in the perfect place for his corruption in Shadowlands. Recorded by the Jailer along with some various other heroes of Warcraft, Anduin remains behind to permit the others to escape. Though he thinks he’s bested the Jailer, the villain claims that Anduin has actually offered him “exactly what i need.”

What’s meant by this remains unclear, yet it’s unlikely Anduin is walking to emerge from his time through the Jailer holy spirit unscathed. Through summoning the light to the Shadowlands, Anduin may have likewise revealed the possibilities of zero magic being used there as well, or probably the light itself being used to do evil. Everything the Jailer wishes to get from the young king, it’s unlikely the the exact same idealist will emerge from this expansion if he survives at all.

If Anduin is changed, Blizzard might be setup him approximately be the next faction leader to eventually ending up being corrupted. Even if Anduin never turns versus the Alliance, it’s most likely his time in the Maw will have actually an impact on both him and also the methods that his faction in the future, particularly with various other Alliance leaders favor Tyrande Whisperwind and Genn Greymane desperate for revenge against the Horde for the occasions of Battle for Azeroth. Despite it would certainly make a adjust from the Horde leader who have gone bad so far, the studio’s storytellers will need to be really careful to make sure the MMO no feel prefer it’s retreading old territory.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is accessible for PC.

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