Are girlfriend still certain that you recognize all around Salli Richardson–Whitfield? This awesome mrs is a well known media personality, a skilful actress, and also a movie director who fame appears to get much better with time. In the past, she to be rumoured to have romantic relationships with Hollywood stars choose Sean Combs and also Matthew McConaughey. What around now? Is Salli Richardson still married?


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While watching the movies the actress stars in or feather at her beautiful pictures, the think of Salli Richardson age unwillingly visit our minds.

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How old is Salli Richardson?

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When did the story that the star start? for the very first time, Salli Elise Richardson provided her an initial smile to the new world on November 23, 1967, in among the hospitals of Chicago, the local unit that Illinois, in the USA. This small creature had no least idea what surprises mean her in the future on the course to success.

At present, the actress is 51 years old. The woman has actually gone previous the middle ages. However, she still looks attractive, is no she?

Who were the lucky parents?

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Do you know who Salli Richardson parents are?

The mom of the distinguished actress is african American. Her surname is Marcia Harris. This woman operated as one operator at a record studio. Salli's father had actually white skin and also Irish-Italian roots. His surname was Duel Richardson.


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Apart indigenous the new-born daughter, Salli Richardson household had three much more children. Every one of them to be boys: Josh, Chad, and also Nalin.

What is Salli Richardson net worth?

The ticket come the civilization of acting and also television was no sudden luck. The girl began her exhilaration career in Koomba Workshop Theater, in ~ the college of Chicago laboratory Schools. It was the specific time when she establish the score of she life – to become an actress.

Later, she obtained an possibility to perform little and major parts in assorted movies:

"Prelude come a Kiss, Mo’ Money, Posse""Sioux City"

Her star began to shine brighter in 1994 after the relax of the comedy “A Low down Dirty Shame.” together a great success was complied with by acting in the comedy-drama series “Eureka.” among the most influential artworks likewise are “I am Legend,” “Black Dynamite,” and “Stitchers.”

Moreover, you can all hear her voice if watching a collection of mid-1990s Disney afternoon tunes called “Gargoyles” (her voice belongs come Elisa Maza).


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In total, the actress took part in twenty-eight movie lines and also thirty-four TV shows. Thus, she became a respected human whose talent was much appreciated by the movie directors. They wanted to watch her more and more, showing her acting ability.

Being of high demand method to get greater fees. The existing sources execute not announce the main salary the the actress. In ~ present, the estimated Salli Richardson Whitfield network worth is $2 million.

Agree the it has constantly been hard to discover true love when you are on a stage or a details location, acting with famed male actors. However, this attractive lady controlled to discover a male she might trust, too.

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Who is Salli Richardson husband?

Do you desire to know who the renowned film producer is married to? Well, a perfect man of ours heroine is Dondre Whitfield! that is additionally an actor.


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Salli Richardson-Whitfield husband originates from Brooklyn, brand-new York. His parents offered birth come a boy on might 27, 1969. After ~ Dondre thrived up, one could see his an initial steps top top the TV in a show “The Cosby Show.”

You might see him certification in the complying with movie series:

“Two can Play the Game”“Pastor Brown”“Middle of Nowhere”“Make it or rest It”“Mistresses”“Queens Sugar”

You will be surprised to discover that the 2 beloved people were dating for 5 years. Top top September 8, 2002, they lastly got married.

The pair gave bear to two children:

Parker Richardson-Whitfield (a daughter)Dondre Terrell Whitfield Jr. (a son)

Salli Richardson Whitfield husband devotes lot of of time to his two children: he visits the premieres of cartoons v his daughter and also mentors his boy in the boxing ring.

How did he regulate to combine work and also spend a many time through children? Is the a super-father or that is simply the power of parental love? Dondre likes to share photos of his kids on Instagram and also show what a happy father he is.


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The perspective of Salli Richardson-Whitfield to her household is same to Dondre’s. She pointed out that in the interview when the reporter asked her a question around happiness. She claimed that her husband and also two youngsters raise her spirits and make her feeling happy every day.

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“Yes! my husband, Dondre, and my two children make me incredibly, incredibly happy. Plus, I get to walk to job-related doing a task that i love. I’m very happy and grateful.”

Moreover, Salli Richardson wondered exactly how she could be dissatisfied if she had actually a exorbitant job and also the best family ever. Perhaps, that is the genuine recipe of pleasure for all us: to be thankful because that all us have and love the work we do.