Who is Rebecca Lobo?

The net Worth the Rebecca Lobo

Rebecca Lobo has actually a net worth that is estimated to be over $1.5 million, earned greatly through success in professional basketball. When she go earn significant income thanks to her time together a professional athlete, current years have seen her obtain wealth as result of her broadcasting work, i m sorry she is continuing.

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Congratulations, Rebecca Lobo, on your jersey being retired today!Posted by Lawrence Dean Parr II onSaturday, march 2, 2019

Early Life, Education, and also Basketball Beginnings

Rebecca is that Irish, German, and also Cuban descent, and also grew increase the youngest daughter of her parents, and was increased as a catholic. Every one of her siblings showed prowess in basketball in ~ a young period too. She verified the exact same potential, bring about her future pursuits. Both of she parents to be teachers, v her father coaching a basketball and a track and also field team. She was raised in Southwick, Massachusetts, and attended Southwick-Tolland local High institution where she hosted the state basketball scoring record for 18 years.After matriculating native high school, she enrolled in ~ the university of Connecticut ~ considering end 100 colleges wanted to recruitment her many thanks to her talents. She decided the university as result of its proximity come home, and its record of scholastic excellence. During her time there, she aided the Huskies come a 35-0 record, resulting in the 1995 nationwide Championship. She to be the unanimous Naismith university Player of the Year, AP Player of the Year, USBWA Player that the Year, and also Wade Trophy recipient. She was also named the Sportswoman that the Year by the Women’s sports Foundation.
Rebecca Lobo

Professional Basketball

Thanks to she prowess and skill, Lobo became a member of the us U18 team which competed in Guanajuato, Mexico, finishing with a silver- medal, losing to Brazil in the last – she controlled 6.8 points per game. She tape-recorded the highest blocks throughout the team’s operation at the people Championship a year later.A year after her award to win performance, she was selected because that the us team which contended at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.The team would victory the yellow medal, and later on she came to be a component of the 1997 inaugural season that the WNBA – she played with new York Liberty, and they got to the finals before they were defeated by the Houston Comets. In 1999, she experienced an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear which collection her ago for a season. She stayed with the Liberty until 2002, when she to be traded to the Comets, then played because that a year through the Connecticut Suns from which team she retired.

Broadcasting, Achievements, and also Other Endeavors

Following she retirement, Rebecca started working through the agency ESPN as a color analyst and also reporter, with a emphasis on women’s college basketball. She additionally does a most reports extending WNBA games. The company is a sports television network that is bulk owned by The Walt Disney Company, established in 1979 and focusing on sporting activities programming. It is one of the most successful sports networks, and its popularity has actually outshone criticisms which encompass accusations that biased coverage.In 2010, Rebecca was inducted into the Women’s Basketball room of Fame, and also was later on announced as one of the members of the Naismith Memorial Basketball room of Fame, in a course that featured Tracy McGrady and also Muffet McGraw.Aside from she broadcasting work, Rebecca is well-known to it is in an support for breast cancer awareness. She helped develop the publication “The residence Team”, through her mom who experienced from breast cancer. She helped create the RuthAnn and also Rebecca Lobo Scholarship, while additionally being a representative the Lee national Denim Day, held to aid raise money for chest cancer research.Last studio update. Pic.twitter.com/XdIeFy6d6Q— Rebecca Lobo (
RebeccaLobo) April 2, 2019She to be a national spokesperson because that Body1, a network of website which focus on clinical technology. She campaigned for awareness of knee injury threats to women, introduce to the trouble she had actually with her ACL.

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Personal Life

Lobo married writer Steve Rushin in 2003. The is ideal known because that his work-related with “Sports Illustrated”, and also was the nationwide Sportswriter of the Year in 2005. The two met while in ~ a Manhattan bar, 2 years before their marriage. Throughout their an initial meeting, she challenged him due to an short article he wrote about how boring WNBA gamings were – he later on admitted the he had never attend a women’s basketball video game in his life, and also had ridiculed the women’s variation of the sports in a newspaper presumptuously.She invited him to a game in brand-new York and also they began dating quickly after. Lock now have actually four children together.She proceeds to be really passionate about basketball as a sport, and also the current state that both the NBA and also the WNBA. She also follows other leagues though no as very closely as experienced basketball. She enjoys keeping track that WNBA teams, and is often seen doing field reports during large games that the league.

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