Dell has continued to take time and effort on do memorable ads. Occasionally it’s from a catchphrase like, “Dude, you’re obtaining a Dell…”

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Whoa, is fist bumping really 20 years old? Methinks we need to relocate on indigenous that. Anywho… various other times Dell provides catchy music, like this advertisement I wrote about.

Well, Dell is ago with another soundtrack song… a tune that more than likely compelled friend to discover this blog write-up in the an initial place! You can think the woman singing is Sia, it does sound a lot like Sia. Check out the ad…

Still think it’s Sia? Well, you are NOT yes! The track is “Rabbit Hole” through Why Mona.

Why Mona is a duo special the voice that Joanna Jones.

You can discover the band’s Instagram by click here.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness

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