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Firstly, we know that Paris is a gentleman and of noble blood. There space a variety of references in the pat which check this."

"thereis a nobleman in town, one Paris,"

Nurse when speaking to Romeo in act 2, scene 4

" sir Paris, I will certainly make...

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Firstly, we understand that Paris is a gentleman and of noble blood. There room a number of references in the beat which confirm this."

"thereis a nobleman in town, one Paris,"

Nurse once speaking to Romeo in plot 2, scene 4

"Sir Paris, I will make a no hope tenderOf my child"s love"

Lord Capulet addressing Paris in act 3 scene 4.

"The gallant, young and noble gentleman,The county Paris ..."

Lady Capulet"s reference once speaking come Juliet in action 3, step 5.

Lady Capulet also refers come Paris as "county" which means that that is a count.

Prince Escalus, Prince of Verona, mentions in ~ the end of the play that:

"And i for winking at your discords tooHave lost a brace the kinsmen"

The prince is below referring to the reality that he has lost two kinsmen as a result of the recurring dispute in between the residences of Capulet and also Montague. Previously in the play, after ~ Mercutio and also Tybalt had been killed, he also said:

"I have an attention in her hate"s proceeding,My blood for her rude brawls doth lied a-bleeding"

In this instance, he to be referring to Mercutio"s death.

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The two kinsmen the Prince Escalus has actually lost are because of this Mercutio and Paris. Paris is hence a blood relative of both Prince Escalus, Prince of Verona, and Mercutio.