in ~ the beginning of thing 117 of Bleach, Juushirou Ukitake says, "Byakuya... That is he?" (referring come Ichigo) and Byakuya replies, "He"s not related. At the very least not ... Come the one you"re thinking of. He"s no one. Simply a ryoka. I"ll dispose of him. And then... This trifling conflict... Will concerned an end."

Who is Byakuya introduce to when he says, "He"s no related. At the very least not ... Come the one you"re thinking of."? Or another way to to speak it, who did Juushirou Ukitake think that Ichigo was associated to?

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He"s introduce to Kaien Shiba, the former lieutenant that Jūshirō Ukitake"s squad.

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In the, his mam Miyako who was the third Seat was possessed and devoured native the inside by among Sōsuke Aizen"s Hollows Metastacia. Kaien decided to track she down and also kill her. However, Rukia followed him and also saw him ending up being possessed through the hollow which leads to her having actually to reluctantly kill him and then provide his body to the Shiba clan.

This starts Ganju"s hatred for spirit Reapers together Kaien to be his brother and also he knew a spirit Reaper killed him because of the knife wounds top top his body. However, Kūkaku knew full well it was Rukia who killed him and knew why she did and vowed that need to she challenge her around Kaien and also apologize she would certainly forgive Rukia.

Now, what Jūshirō Ukitake talking about is Ichigo"s figure in relationship to Kaien"s together they both look comparable which in some cases may define Rukia"s actions together she"s constantly felt guilty having actually been the one to death Kaien, one of the 2 people who didn"t treat she differently due to the fact that she to be Byakuya sister, the various other was Miyako.

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I should allude out the this is native the From mine understanding, except fillers, the is faithful come the manga.