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Behind the scenes from Feherty's interview through LPGA tour player Stacy Lewis.

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Going Well

David Feherty is pleased that his interview through LPGA tourism player Stacy Lewis is going well.

Stacy's Alma Mater

Stacy Lewis meets the women's golf team from she alma mater, college of Arkansas.

Picture Time

Stacy Lewis and also David Feherty pose with few of the 2013 college of Arkansas' women's golf team.

Putting pointer

The 2013 college of Arkansas women's golf team obtain a putting lesson indigenous LPGA tourism player and also alumni Stacy Lewis.

Don't Miss...

The 2013 college of Arkansas women's golf team cheer ~ above Feherty together he tries to make a putt.

Razorback Head!

David Feherty attract a Razorback hat, the mascot for Stacy Lewis' alma mater, the college of Arkansas.

Had Enough!

David Feherty has had enough golf for at some point as that plays through LPGA tourism player Stacy Lewis.

Sand Angel

David Feherty is do a sand angel rather of a snow angel with LPGA tour player Stacy Lewis.

Need a Hand?

LPGA tour player Stacy Lewis offers David Feherty a helping hand to get out of a bunker.

Need a Partner?

David Feherty standing alongside a golf statue during the taping the Feherty in Arkansas.

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