Buyers guide on Insulated safety Footwear

Insulated security Footwear guide for EV Diagnostic Technicians

Insulated security Footwear is supplied to protect a user from electrical shock when working on live high voltage electrical systems. Insulated safety footwear is commonly accessible in either shoes or boots style and also categorised into one that 6 classes, dependant top top the voltage level that might be encountered and also their electric requirements.

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This guide will focus on course 0 Insulated safety Footwear that is the minimum traditional to be supplied for EV/PHEV vehicle diagnostics and repair. Find answers to common queries and also questions pertained to insulated safety footwear.

1 - What is Insulated security Footwear?

2 - When should Electrically insulating Footwear be worn?

3 - Insulated security Footwear Ratings and Safety Guide

4 - how to look after your insulated safety Footwear

5 - experimentation your insulated security Footwear

6 - Buyers advice - EV Diagnostic Technicians Footwear

1 - What is Insulated security Footwear?

Insulating safety and security footwear, additionally called dielectric footwear, type part that the an individual Protective equipment (PPE) arsenal worn by a user come minimise the threat to life brought about from dangerous high voltage shocks and other perils within a workshop atmosphere such as slips and heavy objects falling on to the foot. Insulated safety and security footwear consists of an electrically insulated sole and other safety features such as protective toes caps. Their key purpose is come protect versus and protect against an electric current from gift grounded. High voltage electric present can protect against the love or develop fatal burns to an unprotected user. PPE is often the last line of defence for electric professionals or designers working on one of two people live or freshly switched turn off systems. Insulated footwear is commonly available in either boots or shoes styles, with different safety ratings dependant on particular product specification.

Vehicle Technicians working on electrical Vehicles (EV) or plug in Hybrid electric Vehicles (PHEV) are compelled to wear Insulated security Footwear as result of the voltages existing in the vehicles battery packs. Modern vehicles attribute a range of various battery packs, and also the voltages deserve to be anywhere in between 300V and also 900V. Course 0 insulated safety and security footwear is an ideal for trained technicians performing maintenance and also diagnostics ~ above EVs.


Insulating footwear is offered by many individuals across many industries. Whether it’s installation, maintenance or removed of electric systems, footwear is crucial an essential aspect of PPE that must be adhered to. The is necessary to mental dielectric footwear or insulating footwear have to not be used rather of other PPE, however as secondary protective item.

For functioning on EV and PHEV"s insulated footwear should be worn when:

First making the car battery fill safe;Conducting tests come ensure the generator/ battery is isolated;Working ~ above the battery pack or HV system;Reconnecting the battery pack to the vehicle;Conducting diagnostics of the HV system and also connections.


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3 - Insulated security Footwear Ratings and also Safety Guide

Electrically insulating footwear is experiment at the proper leakage current test voltage for their class rating, (see table below), for 3 minutes throughout which the leakage existing must not exceed the maximum allowed value for the course rating. Because that initial certification that a product, the shoe/ boots is experiment to the withstand test voltage, but this is taken into consideration a damaging test.

As insulated safety footwear is likewise classed as safety footwear they will likewise meet the forced standards the EN ISO 20345:2011. These standardswill incorporate such things as on slide resistance, toe protection, resistance to chemistry etc.

Warwick Test offers recommends class 0 rated footwear because that PHEV and EV vehicle maintenance and diagnostics.

Class Rating

Maximum working Voltage

Withstand test Voltage

Leakage current Test Voltage

Maximum Leakage Current

Class 00





Class 0




5mA (8mA)

Class 1




10mA (16mA)

Class 2





Class 3





Class 4





4 - just how to look at after her Insulated safety and security Footwear?

Improper use of insulated safety footwear deserve to be a issue of life and death. To ensure full protection the footwear through insulated soles are to it is in looked after and maintained appropriately. That is recommended that users protect their footwear and clean their shoes as follows;

Minimise the opportunity of damaging the sole of the footwear by maintaining the workplace and floor clean the debris;After use, clean the footwear of all types of dirt and debris, by to brush off any type of particles that have accumulated during the day;Leave the footwear open to dry, to ensure any kind of perspiration or dampness evaporates without leaving castle in direct call with a heat source.


Storage conditions are crucial preservation factor for the electrical and mechanical performances of shoes v insulated soles. Shoes with insulated soles need to be save in a box before their an initial use and also between successive uses.

Sibille C960 Shoe
Sibille Insulated Footwear
Sibille C970 Workboot

5 - trial and error Your Insulated security Footwear

Before Use

Precautions and inspection before use is strongly recommended. Before use, the user must constantly carefully check that the shoes execute not show any type of sign of deterioration, such together visible deep cracks in the upper, defective or break-up stitching, the visibility of crack or perforations ~ above the outsole. Users have to never undertake a shoe/boot if over there is clearly shows deterioration, they are dirty or damp.

Periodic Inspection

Periodic Inspection is composed of the user visually assessing the footwear for any type of deterioration or defects. The is a an excellent idea come record and also log this inspections.


Insulated Shoes/ Boots must additionally be electrically tested every 12 months following their first use. This deserve to be excellent by a electrical testing laboratory who will problem a test certificate or it might be helpful and/or cost effective to replace the footwear every 12 months.

Obsolescence Period

Typically, the final obsolescence date of insulated footwear is 3 year from the day of marking presented on the shoe.

6 - EV Diagnostic Technician Footwear - Summary

Diagnostics and repair the EV and also PHEV vehicles will constantly be linked with an electric safety risk, together energised circuits pose danger to life from electrical shocks. Her footwear might be the last line of defence in between you and also a fatal electrical shock from the vehicles battery pack. Yet It"s vital to psychic insulated safety footwear is only part of the PPE list that should be worn as soon as conducting job-related on battery packs whilst keeping or repairing EV/PHEV vehicles.

Electrically insulated footwear is obtainable in a number "Classes" dependant ~ above the level of voltage they space designed to defend against. The ideal Class of insulated footwear for working on EV/PHEV is class 0.

Buyers tips

- purchase Certified 1000V course 0 Insulated Footwear indigenous a reliable brand;

- check the sole and shoe before every use;

- course 0 Insulated security Footwear has actually a 12 month functioning life from day of first use prior to requiring an electrical test or be replaced.

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Warwick Test supplies stocks a selection of insulated security footwear in both shoe and also boot layouts that will meet the needs of a technician working within a workshop. Check out our range....